Sweden injects asylum seekers during deportations

Abdul Ghafoor

Radio Sweden has reported on returnees being injected before deportation to on their destination routes.  Reports suggest; most of the returnees who resists deportation are injected to stop resistance. This issue was raised on Radio Sweden program called Callibar.

After Radio Sweden highlighted the issue in one of the programs called Callibar. They say; now the issue of using force and injecting returnees is taken to the court to investigate this inhumane behavior by the Swedish border police.

I working with returnees agree with the issue raised in Radio Sweden . I have witnessed many cases when the returnees has reported to me about them being injected when they have tried to resist deportation. Mahil is one of the cases i reported about in the earlier stage of my work with returnees. He was returned back to Kabul on 19th May 2013 and was unconscious for the following two days when i was regularly visiting him.


Link to the article http://kabulblogs.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/you-will-be-injected-and-sent-if-you-make-trouble/                                                                                                              In another case, a woman. mother of two was also injected when she wanted to resist the deportation. She was dragged to the plane as animals and sent back to Afghanistan on a charter flight with many other returnees.

Use of force, torture and injecting returnees is now being a common tool for the Swedish police while deporting returnees back to their countries. Therefor, Sweden as being one of the countries that leads human rights morals and values, must interrogate the inhumane act of abuse the Swedish border police and put an end to use of force, and force deportation to countries like Afghanistan or elsewhere.

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Hazara Genocide !


By: Abdul Ghafoor

In September 2011, two buses on their journey to Taftan, the border between Iran and Pakistan were stopped by militants in Mastung area of Baluchistan, Pakistan. all the passengers were identified, taken out of bus and targeted. The victims belonged to Hazara minority, who are mostly following the Shite sect of Islam.

According to one of the eye witnesses, the extremists checked the ID cards of the passengers and asked all Hazaras to step out of the buses. They were then lined up and shot. As a result 26 people lost their lives and another 6 were injured.

This was not the only incidents Hazaras of Quetta Pakistan have faced in recent years. Extremist belonging to LEJ ( Lashkar – e – Jhangvi ) has carried out multiple attacks on Hazara minorities since 2009. The worst of the attacks took place in January and February 2013, which claimed 200 lives and wounded hundreds of others.




Most of the attacks has taken place under the arms of the Pakistani establishment and agencies. After these many deadly attacks, yet there hasn’t been taken solid step to stop the extremists from carrying on the attacks and no culprit has been arrested or brought into justice.

Recently, the attacks on Hazaras of Afghanistan has also increased and has spread tensions among the Hazaras of Afghanistan. with turning the pages of history you will find how Hazaras were massacred during the Abdul Rahman Khan regime, and how they were targeted due to their ethnicity and religion. But, in the recent years Hazaras were hopeful for a better future in Afghanistan, and as a result thousands returned back to Afghanistan from neighboring countries Pakistan and Iran.

Most of the returnees have settled in capital Kabul, but yet they face numerous problems while traveling back to their home provinces. students, government employees, NGO employees are regularly targeted, taken out of vehicles and killed, without baring in mind what ethnicity or sect they belong to. But in some cases, only people belonging to Hazara minority are targeted.

Some of the recent incidents highlights and reminds of the LEJ style attacks on Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan. in these particular incidents innocent Hazaras were identified, taken out of vehicles and then targeted. On 30th June 2014. “Taliban in Police dress took Hazaras from District Gezab in the area of Qakhor-o-JarPiyaz in a mountain pass known as Chasma-Raig, tied their hands, chopped off their ears, noses, hands, then beheaded them, and threw their bodies from mountain top into the mountain pass.”  

This indicates Hazaras of Afghanistan are never safe, and the culprits, Taliban and extremist can target Hazaras anytime they want with out any obstacle from the weak Afghan Governments. which has just control over some of the provinces, but the rest are still in the hands of Taliban and they rule in those provinces.


In the latest incident that took place on early morning of 25th July 2014. 17 innocent belonging to Hazara minority were identified, taken out of buses and then massacred. According to the eye witnesses; the attackers stopped two minibuses over night, separated Hazaras from other passengers, lined them up and shot them from back. The victims of the incident includes 3 women and one child.

The alarm of the recent incidents has waken up the activists to raise their voice against the target killings of Hazaras in Afghanistan, and it is time for all the Hazaras to wake up and stand for their rights, otherwise it won’t be late, when Hazaras mightn’t be able to travel to their provinces and get stuck in Kabul like the Hazaras in Quetta. This is the time to stand against the genocide and let the terrorists know, they couldn’t stop us in Quetta Pakistan and they won’t stop us in Afghanistan. On the other hand, this can be huge plan of the enemies of Afghanistan to demonstrate this kind of ethnicity based attacks and find a reason to aggravate the current situation of Afghanistan, and lead us back to a civil war.


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Corpses of Afghan families killed on border with Bulgaria and Turkey, arrived in Afghanistan

Corpses of two Afghan families who were Mysteriously killed on the border with Turkey and Bulgaria has arrived in Afghanistan. it is is not yet confirmed whether they were killed by the human smugglers or border protection forces, but according to the news circulating on social media and some of the friends of the victims, the victims were killed by the human smugglers, but the reason behind this brutal killing is unknown yet.



10448816_704505269631059_3538320757027081923_npicture courtesy: Hazaras in Indonesia

previously written about the incident: http://kabulblogs.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/afghan-family-murdered-on-the-border-with-turkey-and-bulgaria/

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Sweden is deporting mentally ill people back to Afghanistan

By: Abdul Ghafoor

On 21st May Kabul airport was busy, and full with Afghans returning against their will from Sweden and UK. Around 70 were sent back from UK on a charter flight, and another 32 people from Sweden. Among the deportees from Sweden were 3 families with children and a married couple over 50.


On Wednesday 24th, I met 4 of these returnees at an office in west Kabul. Because there are no exact addresses in Kabul, I couldn’t tell them how to find the office so we arranged to meet somewhere easy to find. I waited for them at a junction. When they arrived, three of them came directly to me and greeted me, but one of them went to greet the traffic officer on duty in that area instead of greeting me. We greeted each other and then walked to the office a few meters away, but Mustafa, who had greeted the traffic policeman and has the mental problems, was acting strangely. The other three were trying to take care of him to stop him harming somebody or do something wrong.

When we got to office, Talib Hossein, another of the deportees started telling me what had happened. According to him, extreme violence was used against them during the deportation. People were dragged along the ground, handcuffed; their legs were tied together and some were sedated to prevent them resisting until they arrived at Kabul. In the airport they were thrown out of the plane without knowing what will happen to them.

Many were sent with the only the clothes they were wearing, leaving all their stuff in the immigration center. Javid, one of the other deportees, who was detained for more than 6 months without any reason, pointed to Mustafa and said ‘I would also have been in the same condition as Mustafa if I had had to spend a few more days in the detention center. I was detained with dangerous criminals in prison, as if I was a criminal or have murdered somebody’.


All during the discussion with the 3 other deportees, Mustafa, was laughing and talking with himself, was going out of the office and then coming back in. And if I asked him something about him, he would start to talk, but I could hardly understand a word he was saying. He was not at all coherent.

The 4th person, who prefers to remain anonymous, left his wife and child in Sweden. He said that; when he saw the children had cried and begged the police not to send them back. He was imagining his daughter instead of those children, and every time he talked about his daughter he would break down. Most of the children deported were born in Sweden and now they were being sent to a place they had never been.

Out of the 4 I met, none of them have a relative or friend in Kabul. They don’t know where they will go after they are thrown out of the IOM guest house, they don’t have penny in their pockets to survive. They are concerned about their future and were repeatedly asking me “is this fair? Is this humane? We begged them, not to send us back, but they did not listen to us’. The other 3 deportees were more concerned for Mustafa rather than themselves. The EU returns directive explicitly excludes those who are mentally ill from deportation! Who is going to take care of him? Where will he go once sent out of the guest house?
























Contact; azads11@yahoo.com

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Two Afghan families killed on the border with Turkey and Bulgaria ..

By: Abdul Ghafoor

News have been circulating of two Afghan Families murdered by the human smugglers on the border with Turkey and Bulgaria. The reasons behind this mass murder of innocent Afghan migrants are unknown yet.


















The cousin to one the families has written on his Facebook updates ;

‘It is sad to to hear about the sudden death of my cousin Nematullah and his Family and Safar and his family on the border with Turkey and Bulgaria by the hand of the smugglers, May the victims rest in peace and Allah give patience to the families of both the victims’ 


The incident has happened at a time when dozens of Afghan men, women and children have been protesting in front of the UNHCR office in Ankara Turkey for the last one months, but yet they have not been heard. The protesters only demand was, that their cases must be considered by UNHCR and they should be a part of the resettlement. unfortunately even after one month of protest and huger strike, UNHCR and Afghan foreign ministry did not give any attention to the protesters, some families might have been compel to take those risky ways.




Imagine what would be your condition living in a limbo for years and years and yet the result is NO ! then the only option you have is to take those risky ways to reach a safer destination.

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How is the situation of Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden?

1476663_257509141040233_173418138_nBy: Ahmad Zaki Khalil, Asylum rights activist in Sweden
Afghanistan is a country with highest numbers of asylum seekers each year in the world and many others who are suffering with lots of challenges and threats are fleeing from this country, many lose their lives in oceans on the way to Australia, Greece and other countries or there are some who are hanged in Iran.

It’s to put a light on the situation of the afghan asylum seekers, how are they making it there and how are them being sent back without considering the human and asylum rights. The government of Afghanistan in the contrary has no idea on what’s happening to its citizens.
The month of April is reminding the Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden of their upset days they spent with hunger strikes, last year. It’s to put a glance on the event and also to evaluate on the general situation of the Afghan asylum seekers, the treatment of the immigration services and other organizations in this regard, in Sweden.

50 Afghan men, women and children did a hunger strike with demonstrations on the occasion of the faithless and unfair implementations of the immigrations board of Sweden to their asylum applications and the negative decisions given to their asylum requests, in front of the building of the immigration office stationed in northern Boden city, in April 2013. There were 16 Afghans who started to hunger strike and many including women and children were standing with them in the coldest winter weather there to support them. This demonstration lasted 23 days within which many organizations including Ajmal Amin the diplomat from the Afghan embassy in Norway had visits from the demonstration, and met the hunger strikers and families.

Many discussions took place between the hunger strikers and the migration board which resulted to have individual reassessments of the asylum applications by the migration board plus they named such demonstrations beyond definitions given to asylum process and emphasized on the individual assessments.
The discussions with the migration board took them to nowhere and during this time The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR) which is supporting the asylum rights showed up to Boden and requested for a stop to the hunger strike and implementing a legal step in this regard, instead.
The hunger strikers and the demonstrators as per their continues respects to the immigration and asylum law and the negotiations of FARR and its practical legal implementations, stopped the hunger strike. Now it’s one year since the Afghans did the hunger strike and even though many asylum supporting units and organizations exist, no fair attention is paid to the afghan asylum applications and are mostly given negative decisions by the migration board, some of the ones who had hunger stroked were detained and deported to Afghanistan by force, it followed many to live in hidden, there are many who are in danger of force deportations to Afghanistan.
Ahmad zada and Ali Zada’s families who have been living in Sweden for more than 2 years are now facing deportations to Afghanistan.

Ali Alizada a household to two children with his wife who had fled from Afghanistan due to serious life threats against him and his family and applied asylum in Sweden is now facing force deportation to Afghanistan. Mir Wahab Ahmadzada one another of many with his wife and his 10-year old daughter is so frightened from the force deportation.
Bahar Ahmadzada who has 10 years has learned the Swedish language well and has attended schools and has gotten used to the school and environment since she made it Sweden, she speaks very good Swedish and the deportation to Afghanistan is the only thing that keeps her from her studies and her fruitful growth in the society. Bahar’s parents have no housing and education facilities left home and as many others have sold what they had to spend to flee from Afghanistan.

Maieda Ali Zada, 8, has been to school and learned Swedish with so interest. “We have nothing in Afghanistan” she added. These two families as examples to hundreds of other families have nothing left in Afghanistan and have to live such a striven life with threats if deported.
The Afghan asylum seekers already suffering from many tensions are being deported by force.
The migration board of Sweden not paying a precise attention and consideration to the current security situation of Afghanistan, their general assessments and unfair decisions made based on the general situation of Afghanistan, the silence of many of the united nations high commissions of refugees, the Swedish migration board considering the old reports of the international protection needs of asylum seekers from Afghanistan are of the obstacles for the unfair situation of the Afghan asylum seekers in the region and have turned the definition of human rights to a just commercial based title.

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Afghan refugees’ sit in protest in front of UNHCR office in Turkey ..

Dozens of Afghan men, women and children gathered in front of the UNHCR office in Ankara Turkey to protest against the performance of UNHCR in considering their cases. protesters claim UNHCR in Turkey is not reviewing their cases on time, which cause them  wait for longer than expected.

The demonstrations has entered in 10th day and protesters are staying there day and night, till their voice is heard.

1513807_624446884308015_5707991923264816808_n 1538869_400631066746266_3925125114207128587_n 1607007_400643560078350_6347439913488864345_n 1897755_400638866745486_1732769291776623574_n 10152474_624446894308014_6549907275505417651_n 10169167_400643520078354_1533186691318569746_n 10170947_400638773412162_8397870238363425537_n 10176226_624446877641349_4905318948143903944_n 10259950_400638990078807_569012254093674192_n 10288743_400631120079594_5139553291175769023_n 10296577_624446887641348_5274052399362438398_n 10308119_400630903412949_5161034734677602454_n turkyasylumseekersaf_4_-d1129 turkyasylumseekersaf_5_-e895b turkyasylumseekersaf_8_-de00c turkyasylumseekersaf_11_-ad6fc



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Violence hitting Afghanistan ahead of presidential elections


Afghan presidential elections is taking place in a week, but Violence is hitting all over Afghanistan and especially Kabul ahead of the presidential elections. 3 deadly suicide attacks has shacked capital Kabul in the last two weeks claiming lives of dozens of Afghans and foreign aid workers and leaving many injured.

The worst of the attacks took place on 21st March 2014 when four Teenage Taliban gunmen  slipped into a top luxury hotel in Kabul. who shot and killed two young girls along with seven other civilians. Six others were injured.


Another group of Taliban ambushed the election commission office in Capital Kabul. Two policemen were killed and two others wounded in the battle with the insurgents, the interior ministry said, adding that five gunmen were also dead.


They very recent of the attacks took place today on a foreign guest house. there is not exact news of the casualties so far, reports suggest a small girl has been killed following the attack.



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A civil movement to condemn injustice



Afghan civil society activist protest against the Afghan policy regarding the security forces, martyrs and the victims of terrorism in a small tent based in the south of Kabul with the name of ‘Joint Call Camp’. According to the activists; Government release high profiled and dangerous Taliban on bail and shout for their innocence, but isn’t ready to show sympathy with those who lose their young sons in the battles for the survival of Afghanistan.

They believe Afghan government is playing with lives of thousand of Afghan citizens. They call Taliban dissatisfied brothers, but not ready show condolences for the families of victims in the unending war in Afghanistan. Where thousands of people lose their sons, husbands, brothers and loved ones, but the government is silent against the injustice. They are demanding to call Taliban the real enemies of Afghanistan and the abolition of Afghan High Peace Council.

Therefore they have set few demands for the Government and has invited all civil society members, activists, citizens to end their silence and join them in their protest. the demands are:

The demands of the civil society activists – the “Joint Call Camp”- from the Government of Afghanistan in support of the armed forces’ martyrs and the victims of the terrorism;
1: Naming of Taliban as the enemies of Afghans and abolition of High Peace Council;
2: On time supply of the logistical and weaponry needs of the armed forces, especially the first aid needs for the wounded soldiers on the battle ground;
3: On time payment of the armed forces’ salary for their piece of mind;
4: Social and economic support to the families of the martyred soldiers and victims of the terrorism;
A) Providing residential estates to the families of the martyrs and victims of the terrorism;
B) Providing job opportunities for the survivors;
C) Providing constant financial support to the families of those martyred;
D) Public and private educational institution’s support to grant scholarships to the survivors;
E) Naming the military installations with the martyred soldiers’ names;
F) Establishing an independent cell to trace the condition of the terrorism victims through a database;
G) Presidential candidates should clear their positions regarding the “Taliban” and their strategy on dealing with the families of those martyred and other victims of terrorism

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Sweden, mistreating and humiliating deportees ..



The 20TH January Greek boat accident is still fresh on the minds of thousands of Afghans and the families who lost their loved ones in the accident. A father lost his wife and children, a child lost his mother, and a man lost his whole family when the Greek coast guards started towing the migrants’ boat with 28 people mostly Afghans an board, back towards Turkish waters. The dead and missing include three women and nine children under the age of 12.

Thousands are fleeing Afghanistan due to reasons that are well-known by now: insecurity, uncertainty, unemployment and poverty. And yet the conditions of Afghan refugees around the world is devastating – they are being rejected and returned from many different countries. This is happening on weekly basis from some countries and on monthly basis from most of the other European countries. They are abused, tortured and treated like animals during deportation.

Sweden is one of those countries that abuse and even torture and if they have to against the vulnerable Afghan refugees. Recently Sweden was accused of mistreating deportees during deportation by the European Union, But Sweden ignores all criticism and regularly breaches humanitarian laws.

Deportations on February 11th 2014 from Sweden provide a clear example of this kind of inhumane treatment. 10 Afghan asylum seekers were forced on to a plane heading for Kabul and during the journey, while handcuffed they were beaten and abused.

I met Mahdi and Ali Bahrami in a small restaurant in the heart of Kabul city. A week after their arrival, they are still finding it difficult to adjust. Neither of them had been in Afghanistan for years and they have no one in Kabul or Afghanistan. Ali Bahrami and his grandmother had left for Sweden together, but Ali is now alone in Kabul and his grandmother is alone in Sweden. All of Mahid’s family are living in Iran. Without family or contacts here they won’t be able to stay long.

While listening to their stories, I was distracted by Mahdi pulling a scarf up over his nose, trying to hide the black circle around his left eye. I asked him about it. Mahdi took a deep breath and told me: this is Sweden’s gift to me!!  Mahdi and 3 of his friends were at home when police entered the house to arrest them and take them to the detention center. When Mahdi refused to go with them, 4 or 5 of the policemen beat him. He fell and hit his head hard on the ground. According to Mahdi the police continued to beat him while he was on the ground until he could hardly breathe.

According to Mahdi and Ali, one of the others deported was taken directly from a hospital despite the advice of doctors who said he needed to stay in hospital for a further six weeks. Another man on that flight, a member of the Sikh minority, had tried to end his life with an overdose rather than return to Afghanistan. Other Afghan refugees tried to help him in the deportation center, but even though he was still unwell, he was deported. He left the receiving center a few days ago and his companions have had no news of him.

Mahdi and the other Afghan refugees did not expect that the flag bearers of democracy and human rights would treat them this way and would go to such extreme lengths to remove those refugees who have fled persecution and were hoping for a safer and better future.

Most of those deported to Afghanistan can barely survive in Kabul for very long. Security is getting worse all around Afghanistan especially Kabul, civilian casualties have jumped by 14 % in 2013 and unemployment has increased sharply in a country where if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Uncertainty, insecurity, poverty: these are the reasons people are fleeing Afghanistan. It is not a crime to seek a better, more secure, more peaceful future. It is not a crime to seek Asylum.

Everyone has the right to Seek Asylum

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