From Norway to Afghanistan

I passed two precious months of my life in a prison in Horten Norway only because of being an asylum seeker who had asked for protection from a Government who is the flag raiser of human rights in the world. Keeping me with Norwegian and European Criminals in a high security prison (Horten Fengslet) by itself was a question for me.

After two months I was finally taken to Trandum deport centre on 21st April 2013 and was kept there for two days before being deported. On 23rd April at 4 PM we were handed to foreign affairs police and taken direct to the Airport. There was 11 foreign affairs police officers with 6 of us being deported from Norway.

We were directly driven to the Airport from a gate which was only used by the Airport authorities and staff. The car was driven directly to the plane so that we were kept out of the eyes of Norwegian public and Human Rights Activists.  We were escorted like criminals to the end part of the plane and had to sit in a quite distance from the Normal passengers because the police authorities had created a human chain kind of thing by standing in between us and the other passengers till the flight took off.

The first thing I asked to do on the plane was talking to the Captain, but I was many times rejected by the policemen who were with us. After I was badly rejected many times finally I got succeed to talk to one the air hostesses, but I was rejected by him too. He told me that there was no way I could meet the Captain. I insisted a lot to meet the captain but they show no mercy to my request and finally I had to face 3 of the policemen who forced me to sit down. It was a clear evidence of involvement of Turkish Airline authorities in all deportations from Norway and all European Countries which is against the law of the Airlines which clearly declares that no passenger can be flew unless he or she is welling to.

That was not the end of it”. “When I was forced to sit on my place one of policeman who was escorting me started investigating me about why I had to meet the captain of the plane, but I did not tell him why I had to meet the captain. That is where they thought me a serious threat to them and they started treating me as severe threat to them and from that on they kept on watching me on my any single move. they told each other to be more careful about me, they told i was calm but tough maybe i create any problem for them.

The plane flew at 6:05 PM and it was 3 hours and few minutes flight to Istanbul. During the flight one of the most inhuman acts by the foreign affairs officers was when one of the boys wanted to use the washroom. He was even forced not to close the door of the washroom when he was in and one of the policemen had stopped him closing the door by putting his arm in between the door, which was the most inhuman act to any human being who deserves to be treated as a normal human not animals.

This was another reason of my argument with the officers when the guy came back and told me about what happened to him. I shouted and argued with them that we are not plane hijackers or terrorist that we are being treated so inhuman, but I was again forced to stop and shut up by some meaningless reasons.

We passed the whole journey from Norway to Istanbul under very hard circumstances with two policemen following us on every move we made.

We reached Istanbul at 9:20 PM and had to wait there for many hours. We were taken to the public are in Istanbul but in a corner and under a serious watch by the policemen with us. While waiting in Istanbul many of the guys got hungry, but they were welcomed only by a bottle of water and were told to wait till they get on the plane, though they were responsible for all the expanses of the food, as they told. While waiting also we had a lot of arguments with them because we were being treated as a criminal or terrorist. Even if we had to move from one chair to another, or go to washroom and stuff like that. One of the guys got so annoyed and told one of the policemen that; it is not Norway and we are not a terrorist or criminal. At least let us be free here because we are also human and have the rights of freedom though we are out of Norway now.

After these questions I intended to know what really the words the guy told means? Does the Turkish government know about the deportations or they run their deportation operation as a human trafficking. That is why I asked one of the policemen, that whether the Turkish Government knows about these deportations or not?

The answer I found was really amazing. The policemen told that the Turkish secret services and police know that they are inTurkeyand they have full cooperation in all deportations.

Which made it clear for me that Turkish Government and Turkish Airline are involved and cooperating in all the deportations. This was more obvious when we had to enter the terminal and get to the plane. We did not even know what was going on and we were made to walk through the gates without any personal identifications or else.

It was another indication of involvement of Turkish Government and the Airline because i am sure it is against the international law and the law of the airlines or a country. In no circumstances one can pass a boarding table and enter the terminal with a self identification. because it was nothing more than a human trafficking. which i told to one the policeman who was with me. i told him it is exactly like human trafficking and it is illegal, but the policeman told me that it is the only way they can deport people and they can not let all the asylum seekers live in Norway and not get deported.

Any way we got on the plane at 3:05 AM and landed in Afghanistan after 4 and half hours. In Afghanistan also we were taken to a separate Bus from plane to terminal with the policemen with us. In the terminal our documents were handed to the represent of Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation. It was amazing when I saw the faces and fear in the eyes of the Norwegian policemen when they entered the airport and saw the chaos in the airport. In the airport we faced a lot of problems because all our luggage were tagged with false names on it, few did not even see their luggages because they were lost. There were some guys with serious health issues but there was not one to ask them or take care of them. One guy had a spinal problem and had trouble to sit even. But they were taken in a separate place soon and were handed to the IOM staff. We were registered to the ministry and then IOM gave us information about the stay and the Money that we get at the first place.

There from we were soon taken to the guest house which is made by the ministry of refugee affairs and IOM because in the same day many others were being deported from another European countries too including Norway, Denmark, Holland and only 75 with a chartered flight from UK were being deported in the same day.

We got to IOM guest house that same day and I am still living in the guest house which is funded by common wealth and IOM. I can not go to Quetta Pakistan to meet my family because the situation for Hazaras out of Kabul on the ways to Qandahar and then to Quetta Pakistan is like a suicide. Hazaras are being kidnapped and killed on daily bases on these routes. I don’t know how many days I can stay in Kabul and would the end of my life be living in this life full of threats.

This whole journey was very amazing for me in a sense that for the first time I saw how human can be treated as animals by Norwegian and other European governments” and also Afghan government , how a normal human being can be treated like a criminal and how people are taken and thrown in the black wheels. Human rights seemed a joke to me because the flag raisers of human rights can change the rule any time they want according to their need.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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