7 more people got deported from Norway and arrived in Kabul

Another 7 Afghan Asylum seekers got deported from Norway and arrived to Kabul on Tuesday 7th May 2013. 5 of them are single guys and the other two are a man and a woman a pair . They were arrested from Jarlen Mottak in Trondheim on Sunday at 4:30 am and taken to trandum. they were not given even the chance to pick up their clothes and they were handcuffed by policemen who had come to arrest them. On Monday they were taken from Trandum to Airport and sent to Afghanistan Via Istanbul Turkey and flew by Turkish Airlines.

They told me one of the guys who was being taken from Mottak to Trandum had a very serious kidney problem and health issue and he was repeatedly throwing up. but they did not even care about it and did not even give or had a first aid. the other guys had tried a lot to tell them that he is not feeling well, call an ambulance and take him to hospital. but the answer they got was so inhuman, because the policeman had told them that is not so dangerous and he won’t die!!

The policemen did not care about the sick guy and keep on driving them with hand cuffs on their hands. they told me that the guy who was so sick and was constantly having bad time in the car and the other guys had to massage his head so that he can get better and not lose his life .

I had a short interview with one the guys about the trip and he told me that he was mistreated by the police man who were accompanying him. he said that when they were waiting in Istanbul he tried to get up and walk in the airport but he was being stopped by the policeman who were sitting with him. he said once when he wanted to stand up and go for a walk around, he was badly pushed by his arm which put a big black spot on his arm. He and the other guys demonstrated for the unpleasant behavior of the policeman. which made them to say sorry for their act. the guy had told them that we are not animals or criminals at least let us walk around freely.

The condition of the Asylum seekers are getting worse and worst and they are being mistreated now. because the final Aim of the policemen and the European countries is to throw them out of that countries in any way they can. they are even using force and torturing the deportees if they have to .

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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