Deportees and the IOM drama In Kabul

Four more asylum seekers got deported from Norwayon 30th April 2013 and brought to Jangalak (Refugee receiving centre). They were also brought with Turkish Airline and with the same way and process which I have mentioned in my previous article.

One of the asylum seekers who were deported told me that when they got to Istanbul he tried to talk to one of the passengers who was waiting in Istanbul and going to UK. He said that he told the guy that they were being deported from Norway and they have no document with them.  He said that the boy was shocked and did not believe him but when he saw that was the reality he went and talked to one of the Turkish police officer. He had told the police officer that there are 4 guys who are with out document and being deported from Norway. The Policeman had replied him that he will take any action, but there was no action taken and nothing was done. The asylum seekers reports that some of the other guys who were before them were asked and investigated many times when they had gone to boarding. They were the boys who had chosen  to return voluntarily to Afghanistan. But these guys where not even asked of any document and identification.

IOMs drama in Kabul Afghanistan

IOM is supposed to be a refugee helping Organization which helps deportees settle and find new ways of living after being deported. But the ground reality is not so encouraging when once the asylum seekers enter the IOM office. Asylum seekers who are deported from Norway get 439 dollars cash when they arrive first and 1800 dollars after starting a business. It means that one has to go around and ask a person that has a shop if this person will cooperate. This person is a complete stranger or maybe a friend or relative. If you get a contract you go back to IOM. If they accept it you get the money in two rates, not sure but maybe 1200 dollars after two weeks or so and the remaining after 5 to 6 months. There is supposed to be Computer courses also for some of the asylum seekers who are sent back. But we were not told about none of the kind of courses.

For people who are facing risk and have serious security threats it is impossible to start a business and show themselves in public. That is why whether they go underground and live in unknown places or they leave Afghanistan again as soon as they can and once again get on the dangerous way of Europe or Australia.

Now the biggest problem that other deportees face is not having a place to stay in Kabul, and finding a business partner is sometimes impossible to find because there is no business in Kabul and shopkeepers don’t have enough sale. That is why it is very hard for the deportees to find a business partner. Some of the deportees who can’t manage the paper work and formalities get compel to give up. Because whether they don’t have any place or relatives to stay in Kabul or Afghanistan or they can’t find a business partner.

After they can’t manage all these they get compel to get out of Afghanistan and go back to Iran or Pakistan because there families and friends are whether killed or they don’t live in Afghanistan.

Here is when some of the guys have to once again start another hard journey to get the countries their family live or once again take the way ofEuropeorAustralia.

Kabul is a very hard and insecure place to live. When first the deportees get in to Jangalak (Refugee receiving center) they can stay in the guest house for an estimate of 2 to 3 weeks. After that they are asked to live the place, so that they can create more space for new deportees who get deported from various countries European countries.

That is when deportees face the real problem because they may have not been able to find the business partner or start a business to get the money from IOM. They do not have a place to stay and wait when they are thrown out of the guest house, which causes most of the boys to stay in hotels or hostels in Kabul with a high amount of money to pay.

The example is 16 boys deported from Denmark. 16 boys from Denmark have been waiting for more than 25 days to get the money they get from IOM, but IOM has not yet given them a penny and they have been saying that the money is not yet approved from Denmark. They have been calling the Foreign affairs police of Denmark many times and even everyday but yet nothing has been done for them. On 2nd May they went to the Denish Embassy in Kabul and told them about their problems.

Embassy in Kabul also has told them to give their list of names and wait. These are the problems almost all the deportees face when sent back to Afghanistan because here the laws are made not to make things easy for people but to make things more difficult and impossible for the deportees and the international organizations such as IOM are a part of the current corrupt afghan system.

There must be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the situation of the people who live in Afghanistan and especially for those who are sent back after staying many years out of the homeland and far from families. Many who are deported are living now alone because rather they don’t have any close relative in that countries, they are dead or have migrated, and most of the them are even born in Iran or Pakistan.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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