Ali’s story

Ali Muhammad 26 was one of the deportees who got deported from Norway on 6 May 2013. He and another 6 people arrived in Kabul on 7th May 2013.

Ali Mousa tells that he was two times rejected by UDI and then UNE, but they were given another chance. According to him he and some other guys who already had their final rejection got a letter from Police that their cases will be reopened and they will be given another chance.

That is why they were given attorney to reopen the case and process it once again. He says that he had a brief meeting with the attorney and the attorney had told him that his case has to be taken serious because he really faces real danger based on the documents he had provided to the attorney.

He told further that after his case was reopened he got a letter from UNE which has told that the process of answering his case will probably take two months.

Ali told that he did not get any letter or answer until 8 months and after 8 months he got an electronic letter. In the letter he was told that he has to wait longer because his case is so complicated and they need time to look at his case briefly

But after two weeks on 5th May 2013 in the morning at 4:30 Am there was a raid on the Refugee receiving center ( Halden Mottak) and he and some other guys from the camp were arrested handcuffed and then taken directly to Trandum deport center. Ali had tried a lot to tell the policemen that maybe they have misunderstood because his case is still in process and he has not got any answer from that, but the policemen had told him that he has been again rejected and they will show him the rejection letter later. But Ali says that he was not given any letter even after he was taken to Trandum.

Now the tragic thing Ali told me was that he had to get out of Afghanistan as soon as he can because his life is still in danger and he can’t live long in Kabul. He said that his life is now fully destroyed at the first place when he was deported to Kabul. He told that has no option but to once again take the same disastrous way which he had taken first time and get out of Afghanistan. Because if he could live in Kabul he would have, but he can’t live in Kabul because here is no hope and no security for any one else to live. Especially who have been out of their homelands for years and years and when they come back still danger and disaster is waiting for them.

This is not only the story of Ali but the story of most of the deportees who arrive in Kabul. The most difficulties one face in Kabul is unemployment, corruption in every government and non government level. Karzai receives Millions of dollars from EU countries to create life opportunities for all the Afghan citizens. But reality on the ground is something else because Karzai and his corrupt government only full their own pockets with dollars. Here in Afghanistan the MPs, Government Authorities and all those who have a position whether in Government offices or Non Governmental organizations are involved in corruption. all the foreign countries who give fund and support Afghanistan are equally involved in this corruption including the EU, US and etc, because they know the fund they provide to the people does not reach to the people but again they want to empty their shoulders and put all the responsibility on the Afghan Government.

The clear example of Afghan Government corruption is the latest report by New York Times of Karzai’s office receiving Millions of dollars from CIA. And the report of the Finance minister in the Afghan parliament taking the names of 5 MPs involved in smuggling wine, cars, illegal possession of lands, floor and etc.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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