You will be injected and deported if you make trouble !!

I have never been so shocked but when i went to visit the guys in Jangalak ( Refugee receiving center ) in Kabul today. I had never thought or seen that this also can happen if you don’t agree to go back to Afghanistan. I could not even imagine how this can happen by a country that talks and walks Humanity, or maybe those are only a drama or a way to gain fame.

I normally visit Jangalak and interview the guys and ask them about their problems if they had any to report on the blog. today i went with the same reason to know and ask if there was any one who have arrived newly.

What i heard totally shocked me, They told that their was two new guys who arrived yesterday. one from Holland and another from Sweden.

The one who was deported from Sweden, was badly treated while he was being deported. Because he had tried to stop his deportation and maybe he had made some trouble. That is why he was given two insensibility injection in his both arms so that he get unconscious and stop creating any problem.

The guys told that when he arrived in Kabul he was still unconscious and he fell down while he landed in the airport. then the airport authorities had called an ambulance and he was sent to Hospital. the airport security personal had also demonstrated with the Swedish police about the incident, but they were later taken out from Airport by the Swedish Embassy personal.

The guy was still unconscious 26 house after he had arrive in Kabul. He had arrived Kabul at 3 PM on 19th May and he was still unconscious when i visited him today at 5 PM on 20th May .

I visited him in his room and tried to find out what has really happened to him but he was still unconscious and sleeping where i took a pic of him. Jangalak authorities has appointed a person to have a check on him and see whether he wakes or not, or it would be better to say that he would survive or not !!

Can’t believe what more can we expect after hearing and watching this. i am shivering while writing this. Who is responsible for all these? A corrupt Afghan Government, which is deeply involved in all kind of corruptions and disasters or the International Community who only know how to talk good and sweet but does nothing good for humanity, oh yeah sorry to say Afghans are not counted Human at all, that is why there is no one to complain to.

I will soon update you with more details about the case

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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3 Responses to You will be injected and deported if you make trouble !!

  1. Ylva Sjölin says:

    Hi Abdul,

    I am very moved by your blog and deeply grateful that you follow up deportations to Afghanistan since the Swedish authorities doesn’t do that and we who are fighting in the refugee rights movement have a difficult time to find out what is actually happening during and after the deportations, with those who are sent back from Sweden – who we care deeply about. If you meet the guy who was deported from Sweden again and are able to talk to him would you please ask him if you could give me his full name and the date of his deportation so that I can demand a report from the Swedish police about what happened during the deportation? You can write to me at

    Thank you again and please know that there are people fighting for the rights of refugees also here in Sweden.

    Ylva Sjölin

    • azads11 says:

      It is all pleasure Ylva .. yes coming here i can understand what pain they deportees go throw and how the real condition of Afghanistan is .. that is why it needs to be shown to the people .. i have fixed a meeting with Mahir and as soon as i finish that i will update you with all you want .. and will send it to u then .. thanks for ur positive response ..

  2. jackie fearnley says:

    I think this is the tip of the iceberg and that it is important to collect similar accounts from other countries too. I know one person who was injected when being removed to Cameroon which meant he was in a terrible state to face torture at the airport on arrival, followed by several months of imprisonment and then a life in hiding. But who will believe these stories from ‘discredited’ asylum seekers? One suggestion is to send accounts to the UN committee on torture.

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