Mahir’s deportation has created jangle among Afghan Government

Mahir’s deportation has created jangle among Afghan Government and the Ministry of Refugee and repatriation after he was deported from Sweden on 19th May 2013. because even on the second day of his arrival to Afghanistan he was not fully conscious and was having several shocks. He was shouting and crying whenever he was waking up.

He has not eaten any thing from the past 24 hours, because he told that he can’t easily move his mouth. they are like glued to each other.

Mahir deported from Sweden had been given injection of insensibility in both his arms while he was being deported from Sweden on 18 May 2013. he had been taken to hospital after he was brought to Kabul Airport. According to a friend of him who has been deported from Holland at the same day.

He told that when Mahir arrived in in Kabul Airport he was not feeling good and he told that he had been given injection of insensibility because he was trying to prevent his deportation.

The other guy told that only after sharing few things about what happened to him Mahir got unconscious and fell on the ground. after he fell down no one was there to take care of him or take him to the hospital. he had tried a lot of tell the Afghan police to stop the Swedish police because they had given him injection and maybe or not he will survive.

After he keep on shouting and telling them about what Mahir had told the guy the Afghan police had stopped the Swedish police and asked them of what has happened to the guy.

but after few hours of discussion and investigation the Swedish Police were taken out of Airport by Swedish Embassy personal.

Mahir was then taken to Hospital and was given drops and medicine , but nothing had worked for him so far. because the other day of his arrival when i visited him he was still unconscious and unable to speak.

On 20th May also i visited him in Jangalak (Refugee receiving center) he was feeling little better but still not so conscious and could not remember what has happened to him and who was around him.

His brother in law came to take him home on 20th May so that they could take care of him and take him to a good doctor and get treated. A representative of Refugee and repatriation Ministry was also present on that time when Mahir was going home from Jangalak.

I talked to the Representative about the incident and tried to know what afghan government is doing about this case. He told me that they have demonstrated about this issue and has sent letter to interior, Foreign ministry and Swedish Embassy so that they look at this case and stop preventing such things in the future.

I asked him whey did they receive Mahir at the first place when he was brought in to Kabul Airport, because it is their responsibility to make sure all who are sent back are healthy. but the reply i got from him showed me how ambiguous and unable they were about this case and many other cases like this. Ministry of refugee and repatriation is taking no responsibility for all these. IOM has also refused to the take the expanses for the treatment of Mahir. it is will be so fair to say that Afghan Government don’t even care about these sort of cases. they only thing they know and can is to sign agreements with the EU countries to beg money and full their own pockets but do nothing for the local Afghan People

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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