Multiple attacks shacked kabul

Multiple suicide attacks shacked Kabul the Capital of Afghanistan today evening. According to Zabih ullah Mujahid the Taliban spokesman the purpose of the attack was the guest house belonging to the CIA.

5 suicide bombers were involved in the attack, one of the them has blown himself and two other were taken down by the afghan security forces. the other two are still in fight with the security forces. according to latest details 2 civilian and two afghan security personal are wounded in the attack .

IOM the International Organization for Migration is also situated near the attack area .

These is the second attack in two weeks only in the Capital of Afghanistan. in an earlier attack in the week more than 12 people were killed and many injured.

The safe kabul is once again under heavy attack of the Taliban and Hizb e Islami Fighters. I have not passed a day without hearing a news of blast, suicide attack or target killings in Afghanistan. Situation is getting worse here as Taliban are preparing for fresh attacks on various cities in Afghanistan. Pakistani Taliban are joining hands with Afghan Taliban to strengthen their attacks.

The lies of foreign forces and NATO is speaking for itself when one gets in Afghanistan and see the ground realities. considering all these horrible and dangerous condition one of the worst foreign policy of Afghan government is regarding the Afghan refugees how have seek asylum in European countries and other parts of the world to escape this all disaster.

The policy of Millions of dollars in return of deporting Afghan asylum seekers from these countries is costing and will cost Afghan Government more than they can expect. Because currently Afghanistan is facing thousands of problem and more than it was facing. Corruption, Unemployment and worst is the worsening security situation. Afghanistan Government is unable to create job opportunities to those who are already living here. that is why it makes no sense to send thousand of more people to the same black wheel where millions of people are already in disaster.

EU countries are given wrong reports about Afghanistan and the security situation, that is why they are also putting their hands with the Afghan government and deporting refugees in dozens. It is no doubt that NATO has failed in Afghanistan and they are trying to clear their shoulder in any way possible and put the people in darkness about the realities on the ground. Millions of dollars in return of deporting asylum seekers has been taken by Afghan Government, and the EU knows where that will go and what will be the outcome but again they are fully involved in these all process just to give a wrong message to European citizens about Afghanistan.

It is not safe here, that is why if we cry of involvement of Afghan Government in high level corruption. they are not alone in this but the NATO, EU and all those funding Afghanistan are fully involved in all the corruption.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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