The Aim behind the attack on IOM in Kabul Afghanistan

The attack on IOM in Kabul on Friday shacked whole Kabul making sure for all those who try to give the wrong message of Kabul being safe that there is nothing by the name of safety in Kabul. The first thing i did after confirming the attack on IOM was to call all those guys who are newly deported from European countries such as Norway, Denmark, Holland, UK and etc. because they have to visit IOM office many times after they arrive in Kabul to get the financial assistance they get from the concerned country.

According to Taliban their target was the CIA guest house, but i am confused whether they think the people who work in IOM work for CIA or the people who are recently deported. Did they try to give a message to those who are newly sent back or to those who are assisting them.

I am sure we won’t ever find the answer to these question as Taliban have no reason to kill someone, because they find and give the reason on the spot. People can be slaughtered and killed because they work for foreigners, people can be targeted because they work for the government and finally people can be targeted because they have been in a non Muslim country. We have heard of many cases like that. when people have been deported and then targeted by Taliban and extremists only because they have lived a big part of their life in that countries and they will try to impose European culture back to Afghanistan.

These attack on the IOM center in Kabul has created a big chaos between the deportees who live in Kabul now. because this attack in a way was a clear message for them too. as a result of which the Jangalak ( Refugee receiving center) authorities has also boosted the security in the center and are advising the guys living in the guest house to return back to the guest house as early as possible and stop moving around if not so important.

According to Richard Danziger IOM’s chief of mission for Afghanistan An Italian staff member was seriously injured, sustaining third-degree burns, and has been airlifted out of the country.

Two other IOM staff, a member of the UN’s International Labour Organization, four Afghan civilians and four Afghan policemen sustained minor injuries in the attack. Four Nepalese Gurkha security guards guarding the IOM compound were also wounded. Several of the attackers were killed.

Considering all these attacks on Kabul only in two weeks and this time targeting the IOM center in Kabul is clearly modifying that there is not such safety in Kabul and if still the EU countries that are sending people back in to these kind of disasters don’t understand then there will and must be a time they will have to answer for all the lives which they are putting in risk.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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