The increasing number of attacks and the life of deportees

After withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan it is going to be a puzzle that what will Afghanistan then look like. Taliban are getting more active all over Afghanistan as the weather is getting hot. Only in May there has been 5 suicide attacks in various cities including kabul the Capital of Afghanistan.

On 24th May 2013 IOM office in Kabul came under attack as a result of which 3 people got killed and 17 got injured.

Even Province Panjshir known as one of the safest provinces of Afghanistan came under attack. 6 suicide bombers attacked Panjshir provincial Governor’s office at 3 AM on 29th May 2013 .one policeman was killed and two others injured in the attack, 6 of the suicide bombers were also killed in the attack.

Another attack was made on ICRC office in Jalalabad where again 4 suicide bombers tried to enter the compound of ICRC in Jalalabad. four of the suicide bombers were gunned down in the attack

Considering all these attacks only in a months has made people think deeply about the future of Afghanistan. it was supposed to be better but unfortunately not, it is getting worse. People are thinking of getting out ofcountry before 2014 because they are very unsure about the future of Afghanistan. That is why it makes no sense for the Afghan officials to go to those European countries and tell them to send Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan.

The only policy that Afghan Government is going with is a policy of lie and corruption. They take millions of dollars instead they put many lives in danger. People who live in Afghanistan are suffering a lot of basics and especially with security situation. that is why the idea of making deal with EU countries to send asylum seekers back to Afghanistan is nothing but inviting people in a place where there is not guarantee of life, even in Kabul which is supposed to be a safe place for the EU countries .

Having all these in mind EU countries have to rethink about the security situation in Afghanistan and stop being a puppet and corruption partner of Afghanistan. All EU countries know where the money goes which they give to the Afghan Government in the deal of many innocent lives who many of them has given their everything to get to that EU countries. Other wise EU countries are and will equally be responsible for pushing the lives of many back to a disaster and danger.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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