Afghan Ministry of Refugees & Repatriations is mistreating and humiliating deportees

After few weeks i got chance to visit Jangalak today. as ever i could never find a good or satisfying news from there, because each day they face new problems while they are in Jangalak or out. I had heard and seen of Government authorities mistreating and even in some cases torturing the normal people who go to that doors to solve their problems but i did not know this can happen in the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriations too.

Not in a sense that people and the authorities working in the Ministry are sent or trained in west and posted here, but in a sense that when the President Hamid Karzai and the Refugee and Repatriations minsters visit those western countries and shout till they lose their voices to send the afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. but once they get back to Afghanistan they face thousands of expected and unexpected problems.

Ali Karimi is one of those guys who was deported from Denmark on 16th April 2013 with a group of 12 other guys. these guys has been waiting to get money from IOM till they day i am reporting. They have gone and knocked each every door, from Denmark embassy to IOM and any where they could just to know why is it taking so long to get the money. but they had no answer for so long, finally only few days ago many of them were totally rejected to be given any kind of financial assistance and the few others were given the money they were waiting for.

Ali Karimi is still waiting, he does not know whether he will get the money or not.

Today when i visited Jangalak and talked to Ali Karimi about what has happened to him and what answer he has got from IOM. he did not know anything about IOM but instead he shared what had happened to him when he tried to talk to the Refugee and repatriation  Minister today.

Because Jangalak ( Refugee receiving center ) and Refugee Ministry are wall to wall and have a way inside, so often the Refugee Minster comes to jangalak and walk around the yard pass little time with the flowers in the yard and go back.

When today he came to Jangalak Ali Karimi tried to talk to him and let him know about the problems he is facing in Jangalak. any way he was given a chance to talk to the Minister and tell about this problems. Ali Karimi had mentioned all problems he was facing regarding staying in Jangalak more than months and not having and reliable answer from IOM. The minster had asked him if he had his ID card or any other document identifying him as an Afghan. But because Ali has been out of Afghanistan all his life that is why he had told the Minister that he hasn’t got ID card and he is trying to make it. but the interior ministry is rejecting to issue him ID cared unless he has record of his family.

The Minister then has told Ali Karimi that he is not Afghan then if he has not got ID. Ali had replied if i am not Afghan then why did you receive me at the Airport?

After hearing this the Minister had tickled the back of his head and told Ali to come to his office later in the evening.

Ali told; when in the evening he went to meet the minister, first he was stopped by the security guards and was investigated why he had to meet the Minister. after he told the reason he was told to sit on the chair and wait.

Ali said while he was sitting and waiting the secretary of the Minster came and hardly pushed on his shoulders and asked him about his Identity, because Ali did not have any thing new to tell that is why he replied the same thing he had told before. Ali say as soon as he replied to his question he was badly taken from his colors and kicked on his legs by the secretary of the Refugee and repatriation ministry and pushed out of the door.

Ali said,he demonstrated and told the secretary why he is humiliating him, he had answer that he will make him Human.

Ali told because he knew he could be badly tortured here as the secretary was pointing to security and telling him to through him out of here. that is why Ali had to leave there and come back to Jangalak

I could see the feeling and pain in Ali’s eyes when he was telling me about this. he told me he does’t know what to do. he has got 3 broken ribs because of which he can not sit or even move easily, on the other hand it is more then 2 months he is waiting to get the money but yet nothing. when he want to talk to any of the authorities he gets humiliated and tortured. that is why he does not know what to do and which door to knock.

Deportees in Afghanistan are facing a lot of problems and Ali is one of the examples, because Afghan Government takes no responsibility once an afghan enters Afghanistan. but when the make agreements in return of Millions of dollars they say thousands of lies about giving many kind of facilities to the deportees. But that is all paper work and a simple way to earn Millions of dollars. Deportees here face a lot of problems. and the worst of all is the worsening security situation. only in a month there has been more than 5 major attacks only in Kabul.

That is why all the EU countries who are involved in corrupt agreements with a corrupt Afghan Government has to re consider there agreements and reports about Afghanistan and do not send more lives in danger and disaster.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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