IOM Afghanistan under serious security threats

Just visited IOM office in Kabul with some friends to know about the process of our work still in IOM. as soon as we arrived there the IOM compound was surrounded by police and intelligence agency personals. all the guys who were coming to know about the process of their work were told to come any other day because IOM office will be closed today.

I met many guys there who have been told to come  today. most of them had come from far provinces such as Ghazni, Wardak and etc. they have to live in hotels paying thousands of Afghanis for their stay and food, and when they come they face such problems.

this is not the first time it is happening at IOM office in Kabul. the works that must be done in weeks takes months to be done. and the other major problem now is the security threats to IOM.

Now the question is if IOM is not safe. they can’t even now regularly run their office due to the threats. then how the deportees will be safe  and  survive in this kind of situation. .

IOM and all the other international offices are under serious security threat in Kabul. that is why it makes no sense to send back more Afghans in to such disaster. and if lives go waste or in danger all the responsibility goes to Afghan Government who know what the condition in Afghanistan, now particularly in Kabul is. but still they are not moving an inch back from their decision of deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan.

To be mentioned IOM office in Kabul already has come under attack last month.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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