Deportation to Afghanistan, and the Afghan Government ..

Afghanistan having the most number of asylum seekers in the world is now so far facing the most number of deportees. Afghans, mostly over aged people and now families and children under age are also being sent back to Afghanistan from some of the European countries.

Since I have been following the arrival of deportees to Kabul I know more then 60 % of them have got back to that dangerous ways to get back to Europe or Australia. Then why should they be deported at first place?

This is the question that must be asked from all EU countries who are regularly deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan and the most important is the Afghan Government who are welcoming deportees in the airport but kick at their backs as soon as they are out of there.

Me working as a anti deportation activist am considering every angle of this chaos caused by the Afghan Government mostly and EU countries who are giving hand in to Afghan government’s hand. It is obvious that most responsibility lays on the shoulder of the Afghan Government who are encouraging the host countries to deport the asylum seekers and send them back to war toured country which has got many good labels such as; the most corrupted country in the world, country producing 90 % plus of opium and recently the most dangerous country in the world.

Karzai and the Minister of Refugee and repatriation probably enjoy the trip to the EU countries to have their fun and give a tour to their family members and relatives. And when they get there without any fixed agenda, then the first thing they do and shout is to send the rejected asylum seekers back to Afghanistan which is encouraging those countries to reject as much people as they can. But does any body know what responsibility Afghan Government takes when they are once sent back?

Afghan Government takes no responsibility regarding the deportees once they are back.  As soon as they are back they are on the roads after few weeks stay at IOM refugee receiving centre and there is no one to ask them. No place to stay, no job and finally no security.

Many afghan politicians and activists know about this fail Afghan Government policy on deportations, but still they are quite and not saying anything about this chaos. On the other hand EU countries are so happy and putting millions in to pockets of Afghan Government ( Karzai) to through the garbage out of their country, and the Afghan lawmakers and activists are quietly watching people coming back in to disasters.

I think an Australian type of campaign must be started against the deportations of the Afghan Refugees both from European countries and Australia in Afghanistan to put more pressure on Afghan Government to stop deportation of Afghans back to Afghanistan due to the worsening security situation and the discriminatory elements with the asylum seekers to Australia. in March more than 30 MPs wrote a letter to Australian federal Government to prevent deporting to  Afghanistan. Afghan Human Rights Commission and some other organization to work with can be a good option to work in a wider level on this important issue. Human rights activist, MPs, lawmakers are the priority to be involved against the fail Afghan Government Policies otherwise we may be witnessing many lives being sent back to danger.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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