Jangalak (Refugee receiving center) in Kabul Afghanistan

Little remains of a wrecked warehouse, which was once part of the Jangalak industrial complex.

Once prosperous, Jangalak now filled with refugees. Jangalak is so busy these days after the deportation of many asylum seekers from UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other EU countries.

After the arrival of a charter flight from UK with 60 asylum seekers on 26th June 2013, Jangalak has been constantly receiving asylum seekers from other EU countries Such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden too.

Today i visited Jangalak to have a chat with the people who have newly arrived and to know and ask if they had faced any kind of trouble on the way, and what route they have come from.

First of all i got the chance to chat with one of the guys who has arrived Kabul yesterday 27th June 2013. according to him they were two people deported from Denmark. but when they arrived to Istanbul they met another 5 people from Norway, 4 from Sweden including a young girl and a family from Turkey. he said that; they all were being deported at the same day. They all were deported by the same route and by the same Airline which was Turkish Airline.

After meeting with the guy deported from Denmark. i met one of the 60 people who have been deported from UK only two days before. the day before i come to visit him, me and a friend of mine got a call from this guy. he had called from Jangalak and needed help because he has never been in Afghanistan before. that is why i went to meet him today so that i can get a good understanding of how they have been deported.

I met him and we talked for few minutes. according to him they were all force deported and they were flown directly from UKs heathrow airport to Kabul. he told that he tried alot and shouted alot about his problem but no one even tried to listen to him. he told that he had born in Iran and her mother is from Iran but he is sent back to Afghanistan where he never has been and does not know anything about Afghanistan. he told that when at the first day of  his interview his address was written, that was written from Iran’ but that was changed after he was done with his interview. he told that in that flight there was also a guy who had an accident few days before he was deported. in the accident one of his legs were badly injured and he could not easily even walk, but he was also sent on the same flight.

Soon will come with more details about this guys case and some more unexpected behavior of the EU countries behaving with Afghan asylum seekers ..

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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