Norway is winning the race ..

Norway is winning the race of deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan despite the worsening security situation all around Afghanistan and especially Kabul. another 6 people were deported from Norway and arrived in Kabul yesterday. Kabul has witnessed more than dozen suicide attacks on the most important national and international offices only in a past couple of months.

But deportations of Afghans from EU countries has not stopped or decreased at all. hundreds of people are sent and are being sent in to danger. people who have been deported to Kabul can not get to their hometown and they are stuck . because the ways out of Kabul are not safe and they can’t get out of Kabul.

Stop Deportation, Stop sending people back to death and disaster

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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One Response to Norway is winning the race ..

  1. maryam says:

    i don’t know why EU countries not looking,caring and listing to don’t deport and sending people to dais? their aims are to safe the needy people lives or to kill them by force? Why it always happening to poor Afghan ? Taliban killing us,Pakistan and Iran the same now EU countries also want to kill more people by sending to danger , no shelter,job,economical problem and no safety at all .
    Karzi asked to send the people to kill them and finish Afghan and stay happy with his group,please stop deporting Afghan people.

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