Another 7 people arrived in Kabul ..

Another 7 people were deported from EU countries and arrived in Kabul yesterday 22 July 2013. 6 of the people are deported from Norway and 1 from Denmark. Last week also 5 people from Norway and another 5 people from Holland were deported to Kabul. It is a huge number of Afghan asylum seekers who have been rejected from EU countries and they are being deported or waiting in the detention centers to be deported.

Hundreds of other Afghan asylum seekers are on protest in different parts of the world to raise their voice against the deportations. but so far there has been no improvement to stop this deportations, however refugee rights activists are busy to pressurize EU countries through every channel possible to stop deportations to Afghanistan.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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One Response to Another 7 people arrived in Kabul ..

  1. Afghanistan remains an extremely dangerous country. Criminal activity runs the gambit from the regular operation of several local, regional, and international terrorist organizations and other organized criminal elements to individual thefts, home invasion, assaults, etc.

    The security situation remains volatile and unpredictable with insurgents actively plotting high-profile attacks against a number of international and private sector institutions and personnel. Despite a traditional lull during the winter, the risk of direct fire, improvised explosive device (IED), and rocket attacks remains very high. Further, a lack of basic infrastructure, government services, and emergency health facilities make it an exceptionally hazardous country to visit or reside in.

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