How non Afghan citizens end up in Afghanistan …

The unprofessional-ism of Afghan authorities while receiving asylum seekers at Kabul airport would not be something new to us now. but the question is do they know or care who are they receiving at the airport? the answer is no, because when you don’t have any check up of ID or document then this can be so complicated and not out of possibility if people from different nationalities end up in Afghanistan.

Visiting Jangalak is one of my sources of collecting data about deportees and having a chat with them about their deportation or the problems they have faced on their way home. Today the environment in Jangalak was a bit different when i went in to meet the new deportees. i have never been asked or investigated before about me going in Jangalak.

but today i was followed by two of the employees working in Jangalak. they followed me upstairs and asked me why i was visiting Jangalak,but they stopped following me once i called a friend of mine who was living in Jangalak he came out of his room and greeted me and took me to his room. then the employees stopped following me. but soon maybe after 20 minutes they called my friend and told them to send me out of the center. it was indicating something was not going well in Jangalak that is why i had to do a short and brief chat with they guys present in that room and leave the Refugee receiving center.

any way i went in one of the rooms where 5 people from Norway had just arrived from the airport. we sat and had a chat about their deportations. they were sent by the same route from Norway to Istanbul and then Kabul, and the flight that was used and constantly being used in all deportations is Turkish airlines. some guys from UK were also a part of our discussion while i was talking  with the guys from Norway. The guys from UK had arrived along with another 63 people in a charter flight on 25th July 2013. another guy from Holland was also a part of all our discussion today who had been deported to Kabul yesterday 29th July 2013.

It was not long when i noticed a change in the way the guy from Holland was speaking; he was not talking Afghan Dari but it was more similar to Iranian Farsi. he was upset and kind of angry too while i asked him about his deportation. he was confused and i could see that in his eyes. he described his situation out of a mistake he had done when he was seeking asylum in Netherlands.

He started telling me about about his first days of seeking asylum. he said when he went to Netherlands at that time the asylum system for Afghans were better, and it was easier to get a visa as an Afghan rather than an Iranian. that is why he was encouraged by his Afghan friend to apply asylum as an Afghan not Iranian! maybe he can get a visa faster. Murtaza did not know what consequences he will have to face if in case he gets rejected. unfortunately the same thing happened which Murtaza had not ever expected and he gp6 rejected after living 4 and half years in Netherlands.

Yesterday 28th July 2013 was probably the unluckiest day in Murteza’s day when Murtaza was taken to the airport to be deported to Afghanistan. Murtaza told he shouted and demonstrated alot that he has lied about his nationality. he is an Iranian not Afghan and he would be in trouble if he gets deported to Afghanistan, but no one cared about him and instead he was handcuffed in hands and his feet were tied with rope so that he does not make trouble in the plane.

Murteza added when he arrived at Kabul Airport he demonstrated and told the Afghan authorities also about his case and problem of being in Afghanistan as Iranian national. but as usual the dumb Afghan officials at Kabul airport did not respond and in place warned him to be introduced to the agencies if he was found Iranian. After a small argument he was then taken to Jangalak from airport. his efforts of making the Afghan authorities understand his problem went wasted and he was compel to go to Jangalak the only refugee receiving center in Kabul Afghanistan.

Murtaza was deported to Afghanistan a country he does not belong to, a country he has never been to, a country he does not know about the culture or the people.but after 4 weeks of hunger strike in Netherlands he was finally deported to Afghanistan. Murteza said he was on 4 weeks hunger strike for his release from the detention center but that did not work for him and he was sent to a country he has never been to; only due to a mistake he had made by lying about his nationality and as a result of that he was sent to Afghanistan. The challenges now waiting for Murteza is much more than he expected because the secret agencies has warned him that if he emphasizes on being an Iranian then he has to show Iranian documents, and if they found any Iranian document from him he will get a minimum of 6 months Jail.

But there is no one to ask the corrupt government officials that if someone has not got a valid identity or Passport then how come they receive them at the airport? but i don’t think that would happen under the control of such a corrupt Afghan Government. a government that only thinks of begging millions of dollars from the international community without any check and balance and put the lives of millions of refugees, IDPs and deportees in danger.

Murteza is now stuck between a lie he had to make to get a better life, and a life with not many choices he has now. the only way he has got now is to whether keep quite and bare what ever problem he will face here in Afghanistan and find a way to get back to his family in Iran. otherwise if he insists on his Identity of being Iranian then he would face many months of Jail and god knows what more would be waiting for him. According to Murteza his father is Iranian and he has got the Iranian national ID but his mother is Afghan. Murteza himself also has not got the ID card yet because he was young enough to get and ID card when he left Iran.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist, blogger and the founder and director of Afghanistan Migrants Advice and Support Organization stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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