Minorities, threats and the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan …

By : Abdul Ghafoor

Predictions of Afghanistan going toward civil war after withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is high among Afghans now adays. during the current and previous governments in Afghanistan minorities have always been under serious threat. limitation of minorities from high government ranks, giving quota for minorities in educational, security and other departments are the examples.

Minorities especially Hazaras are pointed out and taken out of vehicles while traveling from one province to another. Highways are highly dangerous and people get in stuck within Kabul for months, so that they can find a safer day to travel to their hometown. Kidnapping, murders are now common on the highways; as government has no control only few kilometers out of Kabul.

Recent incident is one of the examples of Taliban torturing, kidnapping and raping a young Hazara guy. he  and 20 other Hazara and Uzbeks were kidnapped and constantly raped and tortured for more than 8 months. Muhammad and his father were traveling when they were captured by Taliban on the way between Midan Wardak and Kabul. his father a former driver for US forces in Afghanistan; was slaughtered in front of muhammad’s eyes.

Muhammad adds his father and 40 other men were tortured and killed because of being Hazara and Uzbek. He said they were put in a dark room without food for more than 8 days. Muhammad and some other Hazara and Uzbek young guys where constantly being gang raped by the more than 42 Taliban members. they also pulled their nails out and made cuts on the bodies of Muhammad and the other young guys. Taliban were putting salt in the places they had made cuts while torturing them.

Muhammad and other young guys find a chance to escape when US forces attack the compound Taliban were hiding them in. They were then taken to Bagram Hospital by US forces. He was in Bagram hospital when he knows about her mother having a heart attack. http://www.hazarapeople.com/fa/?p=18849

This was one the most shocking news spread all around Afghanistan and Globe after BBC reported and interviewed Muhammad after many months in Turkey. this was an eye opening case for all those who believe in the equality and nondiscrimination attitude of Afghanistan Government and especially Taliban. This is not the only case of discrimination against minorities in Afghanistan; this is part of daily life now. now there should be no doubt what the condition of Afghanistan will be after the withdrawal of foreign force from Afghanistan? because the answer is obvious with theses current incidents.

Withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and the threat minorities will face is the biggest challenge for Afghan Government. Afghan government in one hand calls Taliban the angry brothers, on the other hand can’t find any easier with to come to a conclusion to this on going war with Taliban and Heze E Islami led by Gulbadin Hikmatyar. now the victim of all this Karzai and angry brother game was and is the minorities such as Uzbeks, Hazaras and Shias all Over Afghanistan.

Doubts and speculations couldn’t get worse when on 7th August Gulbadin Hikmatyar issued an Eid Message to Afghan people. http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/afghanistan/2013/08/130807_zs_gulbuddin_hekmatyar_eid_message.shtml. This was less of an Eid Message but more of a warning to Minorities in Afghanistan especially Hazaras and Shias.

in interview with bbcpersianl; Hikmatayar has said that; foreign forces by the help of minorities in Afghanistan are try to divide Afghanistan and find a way to continue war in Afghanistan.

Hikmatyar has stated that; promoting federalism, creating temptation and conflicts between majorities and minorities, giving minorities large part in security forces, making provinces for minorities and giving them the authority to choose their governor is the plan of foreign forces for weakening central Afghan Government.

Hikmatyar has added; that Bamian and Daikundi now have the state of  independent provinces, like Balkh. in his letter he has criticized Afghan government for giving Daikundi an independent status under the pressure of Iran and US; and giving the civil and security responsibility of central part of Afghanistan to Hazaras and Shias.

Gulbaddin in a part of his letter has written about the land disputes between Hazaras and Kuchis in Maidan Wardak province of Afghanistan. he has written that some groups led by US forces are encouraged to occupy the land of Pashtuns, kuchis are not let to go on their lands.

Hikmatyar has warned Hazaras; it is not so far when the oppressed people of Afghanistan will stand for their rights, and then there will be no safe place for Hazaras in Afghanistan. most of them will go to Iran. Iran government also will behave with them inhumanly.

Hikmatyar in a part of his letter has compared the current condition with Soviet Unions withdrawal from Afghanistan. he has said; after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the foreign allies in Afghanistan will face painful punishment which would be  a listen for their younger generations.

The warning and current incidents happening with minorities in Afghanistan is not now hidden from anyone as they are getting more obvious in international and national media now. most of Afghan people especially those in minorities are living in a big concern now and when the foreign force will leave Afghanistan. many has ended up there businesses and has left Afghanistan already. they few who still have a hope in Afghanistan are living in a state of fear. Security situation in Afghanistan has got worse; according to UN civilian Casualities has raised by 23 % in the first 6 months of 2013.

Having all these dirty national and international games in mind. Afghanistan will be no safer place to minorities.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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