An Afghan Norwegian citizen arrested and tortured by Taliban militants in Afghanistan..

                                                                      Image courtesy; Bokhdi News

By:Abdul Ghafoor

Barkat Ali Rezaei is a Norwegian Citizen and has lived in Norway for 12 Years. He lives in Lillehammar Norway. In a telephonic interview with Kabulblog he told that; two weeks before he traveled to his hometown Uruzgan to make a documentary and  meet his relatives.

He told; during his visit he met Mr Shujaie and some Pushton elders to interview for his documentary.

He was on the way to Uruzgan when he was caught by Taliban in an area of Uruzgan named Shali, only 10 minutes away from aarmy check-post. Mr Rezaie told that he was caught by two Chechan and two Afghan militants.

Mr Rezaie’s torture video circulated on social Media and people had different reactions about his torture video. the video is captured by Taliban and it longs almost about 8 minutes. According to Mr Rezaie he was constantly being tortured and asked about his connections with Hakim Shujaie a local police cheif based in Oruzgan.

Mr Rezai said; i told them many times i have no connection with Shujaie and i have came here to find out whether Shjujaie is involved in killing of the locals or not. I have interviewed both Hazaras and Pushtoons to find out about the truth.

But he said; they did not believe me and kept on torturing me. they were asking about Suhjaie and his plans.

According to Rezaie they also called Shujaie to leave the Nawa area otherwise they will kill Rezaie. But Shujaie in response had tolled Taliban that if they kill Mr Rezaie they will face the consequences by his men.

Hakim Shujaie is a local police chief. Few days ago interior ministry told that Mr Shujaie and his men will be disarmed. this decision was made on the complain of some locals. But according to Rezaie after the interview he found that Shujaie is not involved in any kind of injustice, but in some cases has helped the locals against Taliban insurgents.

Mr rezaie told; he tried alot to tell them, he was only making a documentary and had no connection with Hakim Shujaie. But he said; they did not believe him. Rezaie told; they wanted to take me to the Mosque and kill me, but i succeeded to escape them on the way. He told; he escaped so that they could burst him from back and kill him. Rezaie Said. i preferred to get killed at once rather than facing another torture.

But Rezai has got lucky to Escape the Taliban. and he is Now safe and sound

Link of Mr Rezaies torture by Taliban

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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