From the dream of a safe life to a life of hell …

Afghanistan is known as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. most of the countries do not permit their citizens to travel to Afghanistan. Afghanistan has faced a 30 plus years of war and still the signs of war can be seen when one travels outside Kabul on the Highways and with in Kabul. Some buildings holed by bullets and rocket fires still exist in Kabul city. After the invasion of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan in 2001; it was a mission to stabilize Afghanistan and get the rid of Taliban extremists.

As a result of many years of war Millions of Afghan Refugees had to flee Afghanistan and go to the neighboring countries Pakistan and Iran. The other major parts of Afghans were settled in European countries.

According to a UNHCR report; In 2002 more than 2 million Afghan returned back to Afghanistan from Iran and Pakistan for the hope of a better and safe Afghanistan. But this suddenly changed back to nearly a million in 2004 and only 3000 to 35000 in 2012. Still some 2.7 million Afghans continue to live in exile in neighboring countries.

According to another UN report; According to UN report in 2012. Migration of Afghan has increased by 32% and most of them are young guys and minors ..

The main reasons of Afghans still fleeing Afghanistan is insecurity, discrimination, involvement of Judiciary and Government officials in Corruptions, Human rights and women’s right violation, unemployment and etc. However most of the EU countries recommend their citizens not to travel to Afghanistan for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world. But still they are deporting a lot of Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. Where they face prosecutions, murders, kidnappings, and targeted killings on base of ethnicity and religion by Taliban and in some cases by the Afghan Government.

This is one of the stories after deportation. Read and feel how life turns in to hell once you are sent back to a place you had left for the sake of a safer life. But now you are pulled back in to that condition.

Manzoor Hoseini 20 deported from Norway on 13th May 2013 had the same dream as any teenager has. To have a peaceful life, a  life without war, a life without guns and weapons and a life where he can feel free to live and breathe.

But unfortunately it did not happen to him. As he is now compel to hold a Kalashnikov instead of pen, and battle for his survival.

Manzoor Hoseini was only 16 when he left Afghanistan for a better and safer life. He got out of home to go to Iran in 2008, but on the way he was caught by Taliban militants and kept there for almost a year.

Manzoor recalls his memories when he and a group of other people who were trying to go to Iran were caught by Taliban. They were forced to do hard works and get training for terrorist activities.

He said; they were being constantly tortured to do hard work. And do hard training. He says; he was detained by Taliban almost for a year.

Manzoor added; One day when one of the cars that was driving in weapons for Taliban militants came to the compound they were kept, Manzoor got lucky that day when he found a chance to hide in that care and get out of there, after almost a year.

He reached Iran after he escaped Taliban in 2009 and only after few months in July 2009 he was in Norway.

Manzoor from first days of his life has faced many problems; the biggest of which is not having a family. He has been grown by the care taker of a Mosque in his hometown. When He got old; the caretaker told him to go and find a way for him and make his future. That is how Manzoor got up and wanted to start a new life for him, but he did not know what was waiting for him as he was caught and kept for more than 1 year by Taliban

After he arrived in Norwegian 2009, he passed many years in Norway, but unfortunately He was also rejected like hundreds of other Afghans asylum seekers. He was deported to Afghanistan on 13th May 2013.

As written above Manzoor had no one that is why he faced the same problems as those who don’t have anyone in this world. He didn’t have a place to stay here after he was deported. He could only live for few days in Jangalak (Afghan refugee receiving center) and then he was thrown out of there. That is why Manzoor had to make a choice and go with some of his friends.

Manzoor has now gone to Quetta Pakistan and lives with some of his friends who have been deported from Norway and other European countries.

Manzoor is ethnically Hazara one of the most prosecuted nation in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Quetta is not a safe place for any Hazara to be, that is why Manzoor also has got compel to hold a gun to battle for his survival. He gets a little money from the locals and survive on that.

The dream of a peaceful life has ended to a dream of survival. Quetta Pakistan has faced the deadliest attacks in the past few months; Hazara people living in Quetta Pakistan has totally lost trust on the government that is why they have to guard their streets and roads by themselves. But still Sunni extremist groups such as Lashkar e Jhangvi have tried many times to continue their massacre against Hazaras.

Manzoor doesn’t know when will be his turn to be the target of an international games played by Saudi Sheikhs and Iranian Mullahs. But he knows his people need him so he has to stand like a wall in front of the terrorists and safe his people from Genocide. and he has no option but to face the life he has been put in again. a tale of the Genocide his nations face from Afghanistan to Pakistan.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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