Problems of Afghan Asylum seekers and Afghan Government’s stolidity ..

Stop Deportation to Afghanistan 

By: Abdul Ghafoor

About 200 Afghan refugees occupy a former refugee center to protest the harsh asylum procedures of Maggie De Block. Most have worked and lived for many years in Belgium. Now their asylum is refused they are being sent back.

These Afghans are desperate. They have tried to build up a new live, working with an ‘orange card’ and doing language courses. Most of them speak fluently Dutch and/or French (the official languages in Belgium) and many have children that went to school here all their life. They want to say to Minister of Asylum Maggie de Block, and to the rest of Europe, that it just isn’t safe in Afghanistan, and that families with children should have the right to stay and live here.

Mass deportation to Afghanistan is the biggest curse happening under current Afghan Government. Monthly more than 100 people are being deported to Kabul Afghanistan on regular bases. Those who are deported are mostly young man and minors but a few families too.

unfortunately there is no end to the deportations as most of the countries like Belgium are now trying to sent out families too.

Considering the overall condition of Afghanistan it is still the worst and most dangerous place to live. that is why number of Afghans fleeing Afghanistan is increasing day by day. According to a current UN report number of asylum seekers fleeing Afghanistan has raised by 32% however more than 2.7 million Afghan refugees still line in exile in neighboring countries.

Afghan Government is not taking any responsibility regarding those who are facing worst conditions in some of European countries. Hundreds and thousands of Afghans have been rejected and are living in very bad condition, but Afghan Government don’t really seem to be caring about the condition of Afghans out of Afghanistan or those who are sent back to Afghanistan, but runs like money after banana to get financial aids in exchange of returning rejected asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. Yet there are doubts on the transparency of the budget or aid given to Afghanistan to work for the betterment of the Afghan citizens.

 The leaders of Norway and Afghanistan exchanged promises in Oslo on Tuesday 5th February 2013 , with Norway committing billions in additional financial aid to the war-torn country over the next several years and Afghan President Hamid Karzai promising to make good use of it. Concerns continue, though, given the high level of corruption in Afghanistan and uncertainty over who will succeed Karzai when his term ends next year.

But soon only after few months Norway threatened to cut aids to Afghanistan. At an aid meeting in Kabul on Wednesday 3rd July 2013,Norway said that Afghanistan was not living up to its commitments to prepare for credible elections, to improve women’s rights and to fight corruption

Norway, one of the ten biggest aid donors, made a stinging submission to the meeting in Kabul and said that a “reduction in our bilateral program is one option that will be considered” due the failures of the Afghan government.

“Norwegian authorities note with disappointment the slow and uneven progress that has characterized the follow-up to the commitments made (in Tokyo),

“Too few of the commitments have been adequately met… we still feel that more consistent and determined efforts to achieve real progress could have been made.”

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These are the examples of Afghan Government’s failure toward the Afghan citizens. Currently Afghanistan is facing number of issues that needs proper and urgent attention. The most of them in the news these days are security, Women’s right violations, Child abuse, Corruption and unemployment.

Considering all these growing problems in Afghanistan, a normal person like me won’t understand the reason agreements like sending people back to Afghanistan in such a condition. They only outcome of these agreements is to send more lives in danger and full more bank accounts with dollars of foreign aid. Afghanistan is not in any way ready to take back these number of refugees sent back from different EU countries and neighboring countries.

Spokesperson of Refugee ministry; in an interview told that if more people get deported from neighboring countries; then Afghanistan will be in kaos. But people don’t see these numbers of people being deported from EU countries. who are facing thousand of problems mentioned above once sent back to Afghanistan.

As a result of all these wrong Afghan foreign policy hundreds of Asylum seekers around the world are on hunger strikes. Dozens of Afghan in European camps have committed or attempted suicide. because no one agrees with the policy of returning Afghans back to Afghanistan due to all these Kaos and insecurity going in Afghanistan..

Therefore those countries who are involved in the agreements with Afghanistan to send asylum seekers back to Afghanistan must understand that they are sending people to a war torn country that has no guarantee of life. and all those investments and funding has so far gone waste and in to the pockets of warlords and the main in power. The victim of all the policies is Normal Afghan citizens who flee their country for a safer place. but once again they are sent back to the same place with wider problems and no opportunities.

All EU countries now have renew their information on Afghanistan and stop sending back to disaster and hopelessness.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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