‘Ayesha ‘Afghan Asylum seeker in Norway ..

Women’s right violation is creating a huge concern among Afghan and international Human right and women right activists. Condition of Afghan Women is getting worse as they face different kind of serious threats from their families to the society they live in.

They are being victim of different types of violence in Afghanistan. Honor killing, used as compensation to solve family disputes over murders, acid attacks and lot of other social violence

According to United nation’s top Human right official on Tuesday 17th september 2013 warned that the human rights situation was worsening in Afghanistan, where the NATO-led combat mission is scheduled to end in 2014 – 

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, also added; 

A spike in civilian casualties and attacks on women highlighted the government’s waning support for human rights, she said. “My concern that the momentum of improvement in human rights may have not only peaked, but is in reality waning, has not been allayed.” 

Considering all these human rights violation and concern by top Human rights activists indicates the condition of women in Afghanistan. As a result of all these concerning condition  in Afghanistan most of the women prefer to flee Afghanistan with their families.’ In some cases alone.

Here is the story of a 40 years old woman who had to flee Afghanistan to escape all these violence and find a safer place to live, but unfortunately she didn’t get what she had hoped for and deserved, which was a safe life without any violence and social problems.

Ayesha lives  in Norway; Though Norway doesn’t deport families for the moment. But she never knows what will happen to her’ as she has been two times rejected. She fears deportation any time.

Ayesha (not the real name) is a 40 years old Afghan asylum seekers who lives in Norwegian camps. She got to Norway on April 2010 putting her children back home and facing all the difficulties on the way from Iran to turkey’ using cars, trains and boats to reach her destination

She was first rejected only after staying 5 months in Norway. She said; I was provided with a lawyer who even didn’t want to meet me and try to find out my real problems to get ready for an appeal. That is why’ Soon after 14 months she got another rejection and was told to leave Norway within a fixed date

Ayesha doesn’t only carry her own responsibility, but the responsibility of her four children two sons and two daughters too. Her husband disappeared during Taliban Regime and she and her children were also facing serious threats after the murder of her husband.

She also has Esthma and Artherosis, and  is under treatment now. She told Kabul blog; she got an operation in 2011 and will have another operation in her left knee soon.

Ayesha added; my husband family were Pushtoon, so they wanted me to get married by force with my brother in law who had mental problem.’ I used to feed him when I was there, but I refused to marry him. So they took my children from me and threatened to kill me if i did not marry him. That is why I had to escape  there and come and seek asylum in Norway

She says; she has no way back, as she could be stoned to death and killed according to Islamic law for escaping alone without a Mahram (according to Muslim law women are not allowed to travel without their man or acquaintances). and her in laws won’t let her get away without marrying their son. and in case she rejects’ they will kill her without any doubt.

Now Ayesha is waiting for urgent help to pursue her case, stop her deportation and find an opportunity to stay there. otherwise she would be another victim of all those cultural, religious and domestic violence which thousand of women are suffering from these days in Afghanistan.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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