3 Afghan asylum seekers on hunger strike in Swedish detention center ..

According to reports 3 Afghan asylum seekers who are facing deportation to Afghanistan are on hunger strike. Yousuf, Ibrahim Amiri and Nowroz are the three asylum seekers who are not eating and drinking from pas few days.

They are locked up in Åstorpsvägen Sweden detention center and waiting for expulsion to Afghanistan.

– My body is about to go numb, I’ve never felt this way before, says Ibrahim who is the one who has been on hunger strike for the longest.

Ibrahim applied for asylum in 2012. and his age was written up many year more than he actually was. Finally he got deportation letter after only a year or so and now waiting for deportation to Afghanistan.

– We have nothing but our bodies, our lives have no value anymore and nobody cares about what’s going to happen to us. We have nothing to lose anymore, our lives are still out if we end up in the hands of those we have fled, said Youssef.

Sweden has begun mass-deportation of  people back to Afghanistan. Tuesday 10 September deported 11 people without any documents or identification documents from Stockholm to Kabul. It was used violence, coercion and even medication at expulsion. Police officers, officials, interpreters and medical personnel that came with did not even go by plane. The people were dumped at the airport in Kabul. Most of those who returned have no relatives or friends left in Afghanistan. Some have not been in the country since they were small children.http://kabulblog.blog.com/2013/09/16/force-deportation-to-afghanistan-and-afghan-governments-stolidity/

Source : aktion mot deportation https://www.facebook.com/aktionmotdeportation?directed_target_id=0 facebook page

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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