Evidence on Corruption in Afghan Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation ..

http://8am.af/ is one of the top most news sites in Afghanistan which recently discovered the letter about the murder of more than 5000 innocent Afghans during Afghanistan’s communist regime.

Newly they have disclosed a wide range corruption in the ministry of Refugees and repatriation. According to an article released by Muhammad Akbar Rustami for free media partnership’ Refugee minister is involved in corruption of Millions of Afghani Rupees. the news is also circulating on all Afghan TV channels as i am writing this post.

Accroding to researchs’ Jamahir Anwari: Minister for refugee and repatriation has many times requested UNHCR to transfer hundreds of thousand of dollar in to the accounts of his acquaintances.

Jamahir Anwari in a letter number 155 dated 6 – 6 – 2012 has written to UNHCR to transfer amount 97531 US dollars to the account of Mr Ahmad Shakran Usmani; Responsible for managing the financial and administrative assistance to the Ministry. the reason has not been mentioned in the letter

According to check number 170403 UNHCR has also transferred an amount of US 50000 dollars to the account of Mr Ahmad Shakran Via standard Chartered Bank

Another check with the number 170402 with the amount 47531 US dollars has been transferred to Mr Ahmad Shakran Usmani from UNHCR.

In letter number  ۰۰۱/AFG/KBL/FIN dated 7 June 2011. UNHCR has told Standard Chartered bank to issue amount 97531 US dollars to Mr. Usmani

Meanwhile Mr. Usmani has said; according to the orders of Jamahir Anwary Minister for refugee and repatriation. he has given amount 50000 US dollars to one of his wives.

and the remaining 47000 dollars has been given to a tourist company ( Happy Days) . Minister had made fake bills by the name of company.

Uncompleted projects

According to another finding by free media partnership’ UNHCR has paid the ministry for some reconstruction and food projects, but some of the projects have not been implemented yet

One of the responsible in Refugee ministry without disclosing his name has said; Mr. Jamahir Anwari and his men has taken many projects from UNHCR, but they have hardly completed any project. They have peculated that amount for the projects.

Land Mafia

Despite helping and resettling Afghan IDPs and returnees as one of the priorities of Refugee Ministry; they have failed to provide lands to the IDPs and returnees. According to a report by (MEC) on providing land to IDPs and returnees; There has been a wide range corruption in distributing land to the IDPs and returnees

According to the reports; the amount of bribery for receiving a piece of land, which is supposed to be provided free to the IDPs and returnees; is around 3500 US dollars.

These are some parts of the report which is made in Dari’ shows the level of corruption in Afghanistan. Refugee ministry is one of the leading ministries in corruption in Afghanistan. Considering this report i don’t mind if Mr. Minister won’t care what is happening with Afghan Asylum seekers around the world?

Afghan asylum seekers around the world are facing the worst phase of migration so far. Just due to the agreements of The corrupt Minister and support of Hamid Karzai the corrupt president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Yesterday 27 – 9 – 2013 Mr Ramazan Bashardost; Afghanistan government’s top most opposition member of Parliament told in an interview with Tolo Tv: Afghan Government and Afghan foreign ministry has done the biggest infidelity to Afghan refugees around the world. 

By making agreements with Canada, France, etc. to send afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. we have security and job opportunities here now

Where is the security and Job opportunities? Even those who had been deported or came back voluntarily are fleeing from Afghanistan again . 

It is not only us as activists demanding to stop deportation of Afghans to Afghanistan, but Afghan MPs and human right activists are also showing their concerns on deportation of Afghans.  international community and those EU countries are regularly deporting Afghan back to Afghanistan at least now have to understand where are they sending people in to.

There is no hope and life for those who are sent back to Afghanistan, but instead they are getting victim of Corruption Mafia in Afghanistan.

Parts of the reports has been translated here, Meanwhile the main link can be found http://8am.af/1392/07/06/corruption-ministry-refugees-reveal/ in Dari

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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