Sweden deport Afghan refugees using illegal channels ..

By:Nasim Sahar

Anders san quest a juristic says; Swedish police has made links with unofficial but powerful people in Kabul who receive deportees to Afghanistan

Deportation of Afghan refugees from Sweden has increased these days and the reason behind that is told to create more space for Syrian refugees in the camps. the other reason that makes deportation to Afghanistan easy is  to low cast, easiness of deportation and the high level of corruption in Afghan government

According to Afghan organizations for refugees the only way to stop deportation to Afghanistan is to stop it on the borders of Afghanistan by not receiving and accepting them, that is all’

That is why last year we raised this issue with Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, Jamahir Anwari ( minister for refugees and repatriation). we also talked to Afghan parliamentary group headed by Shukira Barakzai

As a result we discussed this mater with Manizha Bakhtary ‘ Afghan ambassador’ to Scandinavia too. she also agreed with us and sent a letter to Embassy and then letter was then delivered to Foreign Ministry in Afghanistan . But unfortunately this efforts doesn’t look to be having any positive effect on the condition of Afghan refugees

Last week i contacted with Anders san quest a famous juristic and the director of refugee aid office to have a visit with Swedish parliamentarians over this issue, and now he has published this article

Anders stated; he has talked to the Swedish border police over the deportations to Afghanistan and they have said; Afghan Embassy, foreign ministry and refugee ministry which are legal channels have many times said they won’t accept deportees, but some nonofficial channels don’t have a problem in receiving these deportees. Until we have these illegal channels we will keep on deporting refugees. This process will go on and we won’t stop it .


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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