13 year old Afghan Refugee missing in Turkey …


By:Abdul Ghafoor

Naznin Habibi 13 and Afghan Refugee, who lives along with her parents in Turkey for the last 3 years.

According to her father Abdul Hadi Habibi; her daughter is born in Kabul on 20/10/2000 and they have entered Turkey in 12/03/2011

Abdul Hadi Habibi has said’ their enemies have many times threatened them and as a result they have many times changed their places from one city to another

According to Abdul Hadi; her dauther has been missing since 1710/2013 Thursday 7 Pm. and since then they haven’t heard anything from her. Her father fears she has been kidnapped by his enemies who were constantly threatening him

Her father Abdul Hadi Habibi and Mother Zinat Habibi has requested from all social activists and people to help them find their daughter

Zinat Habibi has written: This is a call from a mother who has passed her life in fear and danger yet has faced another tragedy few days ago. Now she has no tears to cry and no power to shout , and this tragedy may vanish a whole family .

Zainab says; i request all human being especially mothers to help me out find my daughter, Your small effort can help me find my daughter ..

Any one who hears anything about Naznin Habibi can call on this number 05075900880 or contact the admin of Kabulblog and then the message will be transferred to the family


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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