Afghan Family lost three sons in Turkey ..

By: Abdul Ghafoor

They heart breaking story of a mother loosing three of his sons in Turkey is another dark side of Afghan Migration. Afghans flee Afghanistan to find a safer place and put all what they have seen at their back, But they never know what is waiting for them While they intend to take the dangerous routes to their destinations.

Thousand of Afghans have lost their lives trying to reach their destinations. They have lost their children, their loved one’s on these dangerous routes. No one should be in doubt they want to do it for fun, but they have to.

the 3 brothers ‘ Javed Haidari 25, Sajjad Haidari 16 and Saeed Haidari 14 lost their lives as a result of carbon monoxide gas. they had put cool mine in an iron stove to warm the room at night. In the morning when mother of the children tried to wake them up. She couldn’t hear them replying back .

The mother then called the neighbors to help and the neighbors called the police and emergency services. They found three of the children dead when they opened the door. According to the medics the cause of the death was Carbon monoxide gas, which was

Mother and father of the three brothers are in total shock after finding three of their sons dead.

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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