‘Afghan Deportees – abused and abandoned’

I visited Jangalak (Afghan Refugee Receiving Center ) in Kabul Yesterday 29th October 2013, after quite a while. As ever there is no good news entering Jangalak to meet new deportees. They talk about their pains and their lives wasted now they have been sent back to a country with no hope. I hear about different kinds of mistreatment they suffer from these deporting states.

I have met men who have been sedated and sent to Afghanistan in a state of unconsciousness, just to get rid of them .One had been behaving abnormally after he was deported from UK. One of the employees at the Refugee receiving center told me he had been sedated and sent to Afghanistan. In the yard of the refugee receiving center, he was shouting, sleeping, abusing other deportees and the employees working there. They had planned to take him to hospital as his mental status was getting worse on the 2nd day of his arrival and there were worries about his mental condition. But on the third day he got a little better and his brother was called to come and take him for treatment.

But it is not just Britain that sedates to deport. Sweden has done the same on more than one occasion. Mahil was deported on 19th May 2013 and drifted in and out of conscious for two days after his arrival. He wake up suddenly, shouting, and then fall back back to sleep for hours without eating or drinking anything, I was staying in Jangalak at that time and witnessed every moment of his pain. Eventually after few days he a little was also sent to his family for further treatment. Hanif Mohmmad was deported the same way on September 11 2013. He was also sedated and then deported to Afghanistan from Sweden. Some of his friends accompanied him to his hometown of Ghazni

Today I met with some of the guys who had been newly deported from Norway and Belgium. Two guys from Denmark and few from Sweden have also arrived this week. We met in a local restaurant and over local Afghan Bolani and Dogh chatted about their deportation. 6 people were deported from Norway on 29th October 2013. Two of them, Amin Mohammad and Mirwais Rezaie were joined by Israr Ahmad Noori, deported from on 28th October 2013.


Amin Mohammad was deported after 3 years in Norway. He worries about the family he left in  Quetta Pakistan where minority Hazaras are coming under serious and regular attacks. He fears he won’t be able to meet his family anytime soon. Here in Afghanistan he has no hope for the future as there is no prospect of work or security.

Mirwais Rezaie spent 4 years in Norway.. He doesn’t understand why they were deported, pointing to the lack of security, the lack of job opportunities? What are we going to do here?, he asks. Who is responsible for our security and future here? The only thing I can do is keep quiet, because i have no answer to all these questions.

Israr Ahmad Noori was detained for three months having spent many years of his life in Belgium. According to Israr some 12 other Afghans are now detained in steenokkerzeel detention center in Brussels, with as many as 50  in all the Belgian detention centers  awaiting deportation.

Security conditions are worsening across most of the country including Kabul, according to the latest report from UNAMA, which pointed to a 16% increase in civilian casualties in the first eight months of the year and a 54 percent increase in violence in the volatile eastern provinces of Kunar, Laghman, Nangarhar and Nuristan provinces.

Georgette Gagnon, UNAMA Human Rights Director said blamed anti-government militant groups for causing the vast majority of civilian deaths and injures, and are deliberately targeting civilians.http://www.khaama.com/taliban-attacks-killed-nearly-3000-people-in-past-7-months-moi-3027

Deportation to Afghanistan is becoming a big headache for both Afghanistan and International community. International and local media are taking this issue seriously because it is getting too much and there is no way that more lives should be put in danger. That is why we strongly protest against and demand that governments  stop all deportation to Afghanistan.

We are now closely working with Local and international Journalists to raise this issue as much as we can. Currently we are working on couple of interviews with a local newspaper on the condition of Afghan deportees which will be share through various audio channel and print media to pressurize Afghan and European stop Deportation to Afghanistan


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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2 Responses to ‘Afghan Deportees – abused and abandoned’

  1. Robert Söderstrand says:

    Since starting to work with refugees I have been puzzled by the lack of follow-up of deportees and increasingly concerned about what happens to them when they land in a country such as Afghaninstan. Many have not been there for years and know no-one who they can turn to for help.
    There needs to be detailed documentation and filmed documentaries of what is happening, especially by recognized media groups, in order that this growing problem, whereby supposedly civilized governments sweep their problems under the carpet of countries too troubled to cope with these arrivals, can be highlighted and the foreign ministries of the deporting countries confronted with the inhumanity and unsustainability of dumping people in places where they have no chance of re-establishing a life that would be acceptable in the West.

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