Stop Deportation of ill Afghan refugees to Afghanistan ..

On November 1st 2013 refugee right activists in Denmark demonstrated against the force deportation of sick Afghan asylum seekers and children. Denmark has started to deport more and more very ill asylum seekers


I have been in touch with one of those being deported from Denmark in spite of health problems.

 Karimi Ali was deported on 16th April 2013, but while he left Afghanistan strong and healthy he has returned with a broken body. Karimi Ali had arrived in Denmark in 2009. He was rejected a year later and after few more months he was given his final rejection. Having had his appeal rejected he was not entitled to financial support. he found work in an import company for few months.

On July 19th 2012 he had an accident at work in which he broke his last three backbones. In hospital, the doctors operated and fused the 3 broken backbones in to one. He also has broken one of his hand earlier and that was operated in Sweden.


To make matters worse, Karimi also contracted Hepatitis B. He was advised by the doctors who were treating Karimi, not to be sent back to Afghanistan, because he can’t be treated in Afghanistan.

 Karimi doesn’t understand how someone with his health issues could be sent back to Afghanistan. Surely he could have been granted humanitarian leave to remain in the circumstances. Isn’t Denmark in breach of its Memorandum of Understanding with the Afghan government according to which those who are ill should not be deported?

I have stayed in touch with Karimi since his return. He can barely afford the expenses of his medicines and food. Unemployment and insecurity are challenges for all Afghans, but Karimi is particularly vulnerable. As he can no more work or do anything for his survival due to his spinal break.

 He is surviving on small donations from people here in Kabul now, and if that stops then there is no doubt he won’t be able to survive, never mind find a place to live. He will never forget the day when he was deported. He says “i shouted, cried, demonstrated and begged them not to send me back, because I won’t be able to survive there. I can’t do anything, I can’t work”. But it did no good. He was sent back

 Pictures from demonstration in Denmark on 1st November 2013

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About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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