Demonstration against deportation to Afghanistan, Sweden


An unconfirmed number of Afghan refugees are facing deportation from Sweden to Afghanistan on December 10th 2013. Meanwhile activists in Sweden have planned many demonstration to protest against the inhumane act of sending people back to a war torn country with no future and security.

Despite all the demonstrations in Sweden and Afghanistan, The Deportation continues from different European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other countries that have or haven’t MOUs on force deportation with  Afghanistan. On December 3rd 6 people who were deported from Norway arrived in Kabul.

Today 6th December 2013 Demonstrations were held in  3 different cities in Sweden. Gothenburg, Märsta and Stockholm to raise a voice against the inhumane expulsion of Afghan Refugees from Sweden.

There will be another demonstration held in Malmo tomorrow  7th December 2013 at 14:00

Pictures from today’s demonstration in different cities of Sweden 6579_10151734923502331_1700329456_n 8262_10151734914077331_15306627_n 599298_257490797708734_70536016_n 995240_257490661042081_49764878_n 999807_10151734911657331_662182008_n 1452026_257490564375424_1647453175_n 1453249_257490584375422_1302844624_n 1459822_257490677708746_1592767785_n 1459963_257490764375404_526793871_n 1464650_257490734375407_1792560212_n 1465351_10151734903487331_681187913_n 1469757_10151734895077331_659292351_n 1469847_257490824375398_1311060483_n 1470404_257490621042085_1773863391_n 1472896_10151734912147331_1762624628_n 1480549_10151734924912331_2035950064_n 1497801_10151734914827331_1205573999_n


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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