‘Afghan family’ among those deported from Sweden ..


around 20 Afghan refugees deported from Sweden arrived at Kabul international Airport today. This is the 4th Mass deportation from Sweden in the past few months. However there have not been many cases were families are deported. But this deportations includes a family of 5 with 3 children .

in a telephonic interviews with Reza’ head of the family who was deported from Sweden yesterday’ confirmed that they were around 20 people but he still didn’t know the exact number of people deported with him in the plane. Reza and the family now lives in Afghan refugee receiving center Jangalak. They are accompanied with some other guys who were deported in the same plane.

According to Ahmad Zaki Khalil, Refugee right activist from Sweden. Reza and his family were arrested from their home early morning of 9th December and transferred to another city by a small charter plane to join other Afghan refugees facing deportation

Zaki says; they were still waiting for the answer to Reza’s case, they had submitted and appeal for Reza’s case. but unfortunately Swedish police had brutally entered their home one early morning and detained and deported them back to Afghanistan ‘ before they get and answer to their appeal

Things were not so normal also in Kabul today as deportees from Sweden were welcomed by a suicide attack/car bomb in the Airport. Today 8 AM in the morning a blast was heard in Kabul international airport. http://www.khaama.com/heavy-explosion-heard-in-capital-kabul-3177

security condition in Afghanistan in General and in specifically in Kabul is getting worse


Which rises a question from those who send people back to such danger.Whether they don’t see such danger? or are they putting a blindfold on their eyes and ignoring all the realities in the ground!!!


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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One Response to ‘Afghan family’ among those deported from Sweden ..

  1. Sanna Vestin says:

    Abdul, here is a version with corrected spelling 🙂

    About the family at the plane. As the others, they had negative decisions in their asylum cases, from the Swedish Migration Board and two courts. But they anyway – as many of the others – face sincere security problems in Afghanistan and should not have been deported. We had prepared to make a new application for them about some new circumstances. But the application was not ready. There was no application pending with the authorities when the family were picked up by the police. It was an early morning raid in their home. They were not in hiding. This was a surprice for everyone, as familIes with children have not been deported by force last years and tha family was not aware of that their cases were taken over by the police. They were kept incommunicado for some hours. The police didn’t tell them that they were being brought directly to the airport. When they got their phone back and could inform their relatives and support persons about what was happening, we immediately made the application ready and sent it to the Swedish Migration Board and the police. According to the law, the police is not allowed to put someone on the plane for deportation if there is a pending application on new circumstances. Bu the Migration Board has a special routine for such situations. There is a special team handling late applications – in fact the team is situated at one of the airports. This team make very quick answers. A negative answer is sent immediately to the police, by fax or phone, thereby making it possible to go on with the deportation. But to the legal representative the decision is sent by ordinary mail. If the representative get informed of the answer by asking for it, s/he can appeal to a court. But this doesn’t matter for the deportees, as the appeal has no suspensive effect at this stage.
    The forced deportations to Afghanistan had this very same day been criticized in Swedish Radio by representatives of the Swedish Afghanistan Committee, (with help programs in Afghanistan), and by the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups, FARR. Interviews with refugees who are in trouble after deportation were also broadcasted.
    Many manifestations have been held against the deportations to Afghanistan this year. People demonstrated slso yesterday night. The sudden deportation of a family with children makes us all the more eager to challenge and stop the Swedish policy against afghans in need if protection.
    Sanna Vestin, legal representative of the deported family and chairman of FARR.

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