‘Kabulblogs’ Statistics, visitors/viewers by country ..

‘Kabulblogs’ has started operating with wordpress.com since November 14 2013. We have a total nearly 16,637 views with the best of 3,193 in a day.


‘Kabulblogs’ has been successful to have regular visitors and viewers from almost all over the world. Belgium 5,343, Sweden 3,248, Denmark 1,759 1,263 and Norway  are the countries with most viewers/visitors.


However viewers/visitors from countries such as: Malaysia, Yemen, Japan, China and etc has very much surprised us, which indicates that refugee issues (Afghan Refugees) is still hot around the world, people dig in to find news about refugees, and thank to social media for giving Kabulblogs this opportunity to share Afghan refugees/deportees related news with the world.


Meanwhile the main reason behind sharing all these static and list of country is not only to share where we are watched and looked after, but also to have your views, critics, suggestion on the performance of Kabulblogs on sharing news related to Afghan Refugees especially Deportees who are our main target and focus

Your suggestions for the improvement of the blog will be very much appreciated in the comment box below the post …

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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