Stop Deportation to Afghanistan, Sweden


According to reports from Sweden, many Afghans are facing deportation to Afghanistan today 13/1/2014. They have been gathered from different camps around Sweden and will sent back to Afghanistan by a charter flight’ any time today.

According to activists in Sweden the exact time of the deportation is yet unknown, as Swedish border police are avoiding to give any information about the time. Meanwhile Swedish activists are gathering outside the deportaiton center to block the deportation.

This deportation is taking place at a time when, recently EU criticezed Sweden over force deportations. EU in an earlier statement this months had said;

In the last 5 years, Sweden has 90 cases of force deportation. In most of the deportations, Charters flights has been used. and all the cost of the deportations has been paid by European Union’s border control department ( Forentex ).

On the other hand security condition in Afghanistan is also getting worse, and especially Kabul. Only in the first 13 days of January 2014. Kabul has witnessed more than 3 suicide attacks claiming many lives and putting many injured. The first blast occured on January 4th this months and the recent one shacked Capital Kabul yesterday 12th Jan Killing two police men and injuring more than 20 People.

Considering the worsening security conditions and uncertainity in Afghanistan, it is a state of shame for those deporting countries’ for send more people into such dangers. and putting a blindfold on their eyes by using unuseful and wrong data about Afghanistan ( especially Kabul).


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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