A civil movement to condemn injustice



Afghan civil society activist protest against the Afghan policy regarding the security forces, martyrs and the victims of terrorism in a small tent based in the south of Kabul with the name of ‘Joint Call Camp’. According to the activists; Government release high profiled and dangerous Taliban on bail and shout for their innocence, but isn’t ready to show sympathy with those who lose their young sons in the battles for the survival of Afghanistan.

They believe Afghan government is playing with lives of thousand of Afghan citizens. They call Taliban dissatisfied brothers, but not ready show condolences for the families of victims in the unending war in Afghanistan. Where thousands of people lose their sons, husbands, brothers and loved ones, but the government is silent against the injustice. They are demanding to call Taliban the real enemies of Afghanistan and the abolition of Afghan High Peace Council.

Therefore they have set few demands for the Government and has invited all civil society members, activists, citizens to end their silence and join them in their protest. the demands are:

The demands of the civil society activists – the “Joint Call Camp”- from the Government of Afghanistan in support of the armed forces’ martyrs and the victims of the terrorism;
1: Naming of Taliban as the enemies of Afghans and abolition of High Peace Council;
2: On time supply of the logistical and weaponry needs of the armed forces, especially the first aid needs for the wounded soldiers on the battle ground;
3: On time payment of the armed forces’ salary for their piece of mind;
4: Social and economic support to the families of the martyred soldiers and victims of the terrorism;
A) Providing residential estates to the families of the martyrs and victims of the terrorism;
B) Providing job opportunities for the survivors;
C) Providing constant financial support to the families of those martyred;
D) Public and private educational institution’s support to grant scholarships to the survivors;
E) Naming the military installations with the martyred soldiers’ names;
F) Establishing an independent cell to trace the condition of the terrorism victims through a database;
G) Presidential candidates should clear their positions regarding the “Taliban” and their strategy on dealing with the families of those martyred and other victims of terrorism

About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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