Afghanistan opposes deportation of Afghan families and children from Norway

By: Abdul Ghafoor


For some time Norway has been one of the leading deporting Scandinavian countries at the moment forcibly returning an average of  6 to 8 people every week in recent years. However this number has dramatically increased to 20 to 25 in a week in the past few months, including families.

Most worrying recent family deportations include woman without their husbands, or parents without all their children.

Murtaza and his family went to Norway in 2009 and their asylum was rejected in 2011. They also failed to get asylum after the appeal in the high court. However they did not give up and went to the court again. As a result the parents and under age children were granted asylum in 2014, but two of the elder sons who were over age were refused. Murtaza was deported alone back to Afghanistan 6 months ago to a city where he didn’t know anyone or didn’t have any network.

Now he is back in Greece and is trying to get back to his family.

Karim and Nabi were deported along with their mother even though the father wasn’t at home at the time of the police raid. It is many months since the mother and two children arrived in Kabul, but things are getting worse for them day by day. According to Afghan culture, the men take care of all the shopping and issues outside the home. But in this family’s case the mother has to do all the work outside and inside the home.

During a recent call, she was crying on the phone : ” the children are sick and the problems are increasing day by day. When I go to the shops man stare at me and wonder why I come to the shops and do not send a man for the shopping. There are hardly any woman seen in the bazaar here. If there are any they are with their Mahram (father, brother, husband or older son). They think badly about me. We are living in a bad situation here “.

However the Afghan authorities have now responded to the statement of the Norwegian Justice minister saying all the Afghan families and children with rejections to their asylum claims will be forcibly deported back to Afghanistan The Afghan foreign ministry has now strongly opposed with the decisions and has urged Norway to stop deportation of families and children back to Afghanistan

According to a source close to the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul. they are having hard time with deporting Afghan families back to Afghanistan now. This means that if the Afghan foreign ministry insist on refusing to accept the families the Norwegian government wishes to return, it can offer great hope for dozens of families who are living in the Norwegian camps in limbo. However, we urge the Afghan foreign ministry and authorities to insist that the Norwegian government take back the families who have already been deported and  who the Afghan government cannot protect.

( the names used above are not the original names )


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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7 Responses to Afghanistan opposes deportation of Afghan families and children from Norway

  1. Irmelin says:

    This children are born by parents from Afghanistan, , this parent should know that when you making a child, IT IS THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY! It is not the Norwegian taxpayer who shall pay for å foreign family from Afghanistan! It is you country’ responsibility to pay for all big family (often 5-7 kids) who emigates to western country, and demand their taxpiers to pay for their extrem big family! It is sick..most european get births to maximum 2 children per family, woman in Europe know to take responsibility for birth control…! Muslim countries forbidd it….It is sick..It is a population explotion in most of Arabian countries..It is not Norwegian and other westerns countires responsibility! Afghanistan must take care of their own inhabitants, mostly big families with many children! Yes , it is excpensive, but it is YOUR responsibility! ! Birth controll is answer for a better future for Afghanistan!

    • Asfar Ali says:

      Dear Irmelin
      I would like to start my sentence with your statement ‘ Birth control is answer for a better future for Afghanistan’. I can not agree more with you on this statement and i totally agree with that. But Migration is totally a separate matter. When a family’s life is in danger it doesn’t matter how many people do they have in the family. They have to take every one out of country to somewhere safer. Therefor when a family of whether 1 or 5 enters another territory, then it is the responsibility of that country to care of the welfare for the family, and that is in accordance with the Humanitarian and refugee laws. Refugees have always contributed to the economy of the host countries. They also pay taxes and have the right to live peacefully as a Norwegian has.

      Best Wishes

      • Irmelin says:

        Well, most immigrants from Afghanistan are sent back from Norway..because they are not political refugees, they are seeking a better life in a rich western county as Norway! You did it as well! Mostly of inhabitans from Afghanistan in Norway, have to return to their homeland, Afghanistan. After returning, I never heard anyone of them beeing kiled in their homeland…Well what are now working with economick migrants returning from Norway back to ther own homeland Afghanistan..They have to settle down in Afghanistan, but you will never axept it, you want to resettle this people without reason to Norway..Why? Economick migrants has nothing to do in our land, we will never pay for them!

  2. Irmelin says:

    And again..Liza Schuster is a person who is looking and talking very softly and nice of this ” poor family” who needs resettlement in Norway, well it is not the truth! The web site ” stop the deportation to Afghanistan ” , she send a message to me as a Norwegian ( and as a surprice to you Liza, I am very close to the gouvernment in Norway) , calling me a idiot many times!! This behavior disturbe not her own image, but she have destroyed for many people trying to resettle in Norway with her own behavior!

  3. Asfar Ali says:

    Dear Irmelin
    First of all it is very nice to have somebody from the Norwegian government talking on this issue. Secondly, the people who you call economic migrants are not what you think. But, because Norwegian government weigh you all with money ( Kroner ) that is why to you every body looks an economic migrants. The question of not any body killed after return to Afghanistan, there are many who have been killed after return. I can send you as many links as you want on the news related to this issue. Or you are expecting every one who has been deported to be killed? to make some more room for Norwegians in the world!

    It is time for you all to think widely and get out of the cage .. the world is not only about money and Norway .. it is about humanity and taking hands of each other and helping the vulnerable people ..

  4. Bjørg Irene Karlsen says:

    I wonder who this Irmelin is. Does she have a surname? When she can go out in public and speak as she is a representative for Norway?
    I feel like the word she is using is close to some of the rasist comments that you can find with som of the Supporter of FRP in Norway. But her comments are way far from what the other parts of the public might think. I do not believe that she has something to do with the government, allthough she herself seems to have high thoughts of her influence.
    I am sorry that such people and opinions exicist, but it is part of the democratic system of freedom to speak that people like her also will make heard what they belive.

    • Asfar Ali says:

      Dear Irene Karlsen

      Thanks for your nice and humane thoughts. People like Irelin have always existed and will be existing in the coming days also. But people like her and her thoughts would never influence our work in supporting the vulnerable Afghan refugees. I wish she had known a little more about the situation in Afghanistan before claiming the points she has mentioned. But, no she hasn’t. She is quoting what she has seen in the media. For Example, There were 13 bomb and suicide attacks in Kabul during November and December. British media only covered one of the attacks. Guess why, because that particular attack was made on British Embassy personal.

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