Safe haven – lol !

By: Abdul Ghafoor

These are images from the office of Afghanistan Migrants Advice and Support Organization (AMASO), where people recently deported to the ‘safety’ of Kabul come to seek advice and reassurance. Ofcourse, this explosion was not the only one today. There was a second large attack on the NDS office in Arzan Qeemat, eastern Kabul. The casualties feared to have reached at least 15 killed and 50 wounded as the carnage continued for hours where the security forces are still busy sweeping the area.

Only moments before the blast, a 19 year old, deported from Norway on 7th of February, Enayatullah Sultani walked out of the office. Panicked and afraid that he had walked in to the blast, i called him. He was safe, but shaken and scared. Then i started calling some of the other new arrivals to check on them. So far, they are all safe, but this brutal introduction to a country they left between 1 to 7 years ago is terrifying them and justifying their fear for their safety and their resistance to removal.

At least 25 Afghan asylum seekers deported from Denmark also landed in Kabul earlier this morning. According to sources in Denmark, they were deported back to Afghanistan on a military plane.

The lack of security in Afghanistan, including Kabul, coupled with the impossibility for those without networks in finding jobs or accommodation drives most to leave again. Even knowing the risks they face, most calculated they have better chance outside Afghanistan.

For those without resources, the choice are stark. Join the Taliban or ISIS or the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and risk life in Afghanistan, or as we hear increasingly, head to Iran to join Afghan battalions fighting Assad’s war in the hope their death will benefit the family in a way they could not in life.

Inspite of the blasts today and out limited resources and staff, AMASO had to continue working. Since summer 2016 we have had a massive increase both in the number of people seeking out help and in the number of journalists investigating their stories. AMASO has a massive number of contacts who keep up sending demands. The demands place on AMASO reflects the absence of support for those returned, and a massive unmet need.



About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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