Heart patient deported from Denmark, fears for his life if drugs not found in Af.

By: Abdul Ghafoor

At least 13 Afghan asylum seekers were deported from Denmark to Afghanistan on 1st of March 2017. The actual number of asylum seekers deported can not be confirmed by AMASO, however those interviewed by AMASO confirm that some of those deported in the same charter plane were not let in by the Afghan authorities and were sent back to Denmark.

13, including Nasir Husseini were received by the Afghan authorities. Nasir entered Denmark in 2010 and was provided with a two years temporary resident permit based on humanitarian grounds. In 2015, after two years of expiring the term of the temporary resident permit, Nasir was once again rejected and was told to live the country and return back to Afghanistan. Nasir had a heart surgery in 2007 and is still under medication. The authorities in Denmark believed Nasir could return to Afghanistan and continue with his medication inside Afghanistan.

He has to take two types of drugs for the rest of his life. His life can be at risk if he is unable to find or afford to buy  the drugs. Nasir fears he may find one of the drugs but not the second one. He has been trying to find the second drug after return, but has failed so far.

Denmark returned 13 asylum seekers on the same day when Kabul witnessed one of the deadliest attacks this year. Twin bomb blasts hit two different locations of Kabul only hours after returnees had landed in Kabul. The first attacks was launched against the PD6 police station in the West of Kabul.  The explosion was followed by a gunbattle between security forces and several gunmen who stormed into the complex, said Najib Danish, deputy spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Those who lost their lives as a result of the attack later reached around 45 people, confirmed by one of the sources in the Ministry of Health.

The second attack took place in eastern Kabul where a suicide bomber on foot detonated his explosives outside the offices of the country’s intelligence service, killing one person. A total of 104 people were wounded in both attacks.

Text from the video

“My name is Nasir Hussaini. I have been deported from Denmark on March 1st, 2017. When I and other deportees landed in Kabul, Afghanistan. They wanted to take some 3 us back to Denmark. They took us out of the plane and told us to wait in a waiting room. The Afghan authorities said they will return 3 of us, two others who had left their families behind and I back to Denmark. They took 3 of us towards the plane. But we were once again told to be taken back for security check-up and then return back to the plane.

One of the police who was escorting us during the flight stepped out of the plane and went in for a meeting with one of the airport police at Kabul International Airport, the meeting went on for at least 25-30 minutes. When the Afghan police came out of the meeting, he started using inappropriate and abusive words towards us, and started telling that we did not have problem and we could live in our country.

We were then moved towards the returnee receiving center. Hours after our arrival, there was at least two suicide attacks which left 150 Afghans dead and injured. This is the security in Afghanistan! One of the suicide attacks took place here (pointing towards the location of the blast).

Also, I am ill, I had a heart surgery and one of the drugs I use can’t be found in Afghanistan. I have asked many drug stores but have not been able to find that particular drug. When I landed in Afghanistan, one of the policeman at the airport asked what my problem was. I said I had a heart surgery and am on medication. The police told me that one of the drugs cannot be found in Afghanistan, the Danish government is also aware of the fact that you may not be able to find one of the drugs, they have still deported you!

If I fail to find one of the drugs soon, then I don’t know how long I would be able to survive. I may not last longer than a month if I failed to find the drug. I will have to leave this world, i guess! ”



About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist, blogger and the founder and director of Afghanistan Migrants Advice and Support Organization stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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