Afghan minors in Sweden facing uncertain future!

Ahmad Rahimi is one of the many Afghan minors that entered Sweden in 2015. Like many other asylum seekers, Rahimi didn’t know much about Sweden either, but his dedication to help other fellow Afghans turned him to a hope for many. Only in a short period of time, Rahimi has been able to integrate in to the Swedish society and has been a huge help and support to thousands of minors that have set foot in Sweden.

Rahimi is also an active member of Afghan civil society groups fighting for the rights of Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden. He has also been admired and awarded at certain occasions. Rahimi and a group of activists in Sweden have also helped many of those who were forcibly deported back to Afghanistan.

Today, Rahimi is facing an uncertain future. His claim for asylum has been rejected and he can be forcibly deported to Afghanistan at anytime. He has been born and raised in Iran and have never been to Afghanistan, with no social and economic network and a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, there is no future waiting for him. He like many other young Afghans that have been deported back to Afghanistan in the past few years will face uncertainty and hopelessness, and the choice of re-migration would be the only option for him, as it has been for many we have been in contact with.

Rahimi’s belief and different way of thinking can also put his life in danger. Afghanistan is a religious society and those who do not believe in Islam or are non-believers have always been in trouble and targeted because of their beliefs. Therefore, deporting young Afghan asylum seekers like Rahimi back to Afghanistan will directly put their lives in danger. Firsly, due to the ongoing deteriorating security situation as the main cause of people fleeing the country. Secondly, Rahimi’s different thoughts about religion and his way of living can make him a clear target and put his life at risk.


About Abdul Ghafoor

Abdul Ghafoor is a refugee rights activist and blogger stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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